Marion E. Hay

Marion E. Hay ( born December 9, 1865 Adams County, Wisconsin, † November 21, 1933 in Spokane, Washington ) was an American politician and from 1909 to 1913, the seventh Governor of the State of Washington.

Early years

Hay visited the Bayless Commercial Business College in Dubuque (Iowa). In 1888 he moved to the Washington Territory, where he worked on various economic areas and a respected businessman was. Among other things, he was the owner of a grain farm in Canada. Hays was twice elected mayor of Wilbur. In 1908 he moved to Spokane. In the same year he was nominated by the Republican Party for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Washington and elected by the voters in this office.

Governor of Washington

Governor Samuel G. Cosgrove had suffered a heart attack before his inauguration, and could not even finish his speech at the inauguration. The very next day he went to a convalescent leave to California Lieutenant Governor Hays was charged with the conduct of official business. After the death Cosgrove on March 28, 1909, he was then officially as his successor, with the task to end until January 1913 current term. As governor sat Hay a commission of inquiry to expose corruption in the public service a. Also, some constitutional changes were implemented during his reign. These included the possibility of removal of the Elected in violation of the law. Also citizen initiatives have now been allowed and in 1910 the women's suffrage in Washington state has been introduced. That was nine years before it was anchored at the federal level as a law. In 1909, the Mount Olympus National Park was opened in Seattle and the Alaska-Yukon -Pacific Exposition was held. In 1912, Hay failed in an attempt to be confirmed in his office.

Further CV

After the end of his term Hay returned to Spokane. There he became president of an agricultural credit association procurement (Agricultural Credit Corporation ). Politically Hay is then no longer have appeared. He died in 1933. He was married to Elizabeth L. Moore, with whom he had six children.