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Mersin ( in ancient Zephyrion ) is located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast city with 843 429 inhabitants and the capital of the province of Mersin, which was still called İçel to 2002.

It is a university town, also also the seat of oceanographic department of the Technical University of Ankara. Economic importance of the port (for the Çukurova ), fisheries, petroleum, cement, food and textile industry. The city is also terminus of a branch line of the Baghdad Railway. She is from Adana to reach the S -Bahn ( Banliyö Trenleri ). To the west of the city, the remains of a Hittite fortress found from the 13th or 14th century BC.

The " Mertim -Tower" ( Mersin Ticaret Merkezi = Mersin -Mart ) is 177 meters, the tallest building at the time of Mersin and one of the highest in Turkey. It has 52 floors and was completed in 1987.

Mersin, the most important port city in the eastern Mediterranean, offers for visitors with its palm- lined streets, its city park, its modern hotels, the historical remains in the area and the long beaches many ways.

The town of Mersin will host the Mediterranean Games in 2013.


Mersin is the history associated with the name of St. Paul of Tarsus and the fact that Marcus Antonius the areas between Alanya and Mersin Cleopatra made ​​for a wedding present.

For lovers of archeology and history, offers to since Neolithic times until today inhabited Viranşehir ( in ancient Soli and Pompeiopolis ), an ancient city. It was destroyed in the year 525 by an earthquake. The remains of the necropolis (graveyard ), theater, bathhouse, arcades and temples have survived. The Eski Mosque is one of the most important buildings from the Ottoman period (1870 ). It was restored at different periods. The Roman bath attracts because of its interesting mosaics on a lot of visitors.

With the goal to lead the past few years, existing relationships between Mersin and Berlin to a new quality, friendship club in Berlin on 16 February 2006 - Mersin eV emerged. The Friendship Association organized together with the district office of Tempelhof- Schöneberg the partnership and dialogue between citizens of Berlin ( Tempelhof- Schöneberg) and Mersin ( Mezitli ). The focus of the association's work is the idea of international understanding. Since 2012 there is a twinning between the two districts. In addition, Mersin maintains since 2004 a city partnership to Oberhausen in the Ruhr area.


In the near Mersin is Akkuyu. There, the nuclear power plant Akkuyu is planned for many years, although this location is near a meeting place of many tectonic plates ( Anatolian plate, Arabian plate, African plate and the Eurasian plate ). (see also nuclear energy in Turkey)

Mersin is used in international postal traffic as a transit station for letter and mail in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Anton Christoforidis ( * 1917 ), world champion boxer
  • Tayfun Bademsoy (* 1958), actor
  • Yaşar Bilgin ( born 1950 ), physician and politician
  • Serap Cileli (* 1966), writer
  • Emre Gürbüz (* 1991), football player
  • Nevit Kodalli (1924-2009), composer
  • Atıf Yılmaz (1925-2006), Director
  • Nevin Yanit ( born 1986 ), athlete