Paul S. Fox

Paul Samuel Fox ( born September 30, 1898 in Corunna, Michigan, † May 1972 in Los Angeles ) was an American production designer in the film, which won an Academy Award three times.


Paul S. Fox worked from 1942 as Production Designer in Hollywood, where he became stood at 20th Century Fox contract. There he was often responsible together with Thomas Little and Lyle R. Wheeler for decorating film sets. Directors, under whose direction he worked were, among others, Otto Preminger, Henry King, Ernst Lubitsch, Elia Kazan and Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Throughout his career, Fox was a total of 13 times for the Academy Award nominated Best Production Design. For the three movies The Robe ( The Robe, 1953), The King and I ( The King and I, 1956) and Cleopatra (1963 ), he won the Film Award. Until 1967 he was involved in more than 80 film productions. He then retired from the film business. He died in 1972 at the age of 73 years in Los Angeles.

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