Permanent Waves


Permanent Waves is the seventh studio album by the Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1980. The album is regarded as a musical transition to the band more accessible and radio -friendly music. This was reflected in higher sales figures than on previous albums.

The title " The Spirit of Radio" is about the radio station CFNY out of Toronto. " Begin the day with a friendly voice ... the magic music makes your morning mood " is the text in the first stanza. In "Free Will" refers to the band position on the question of free will. The decision is sung to take responsibility for their own actions, since the decision to accept that God or other forces determine one's will, even a decision. "If you choose not to decide, you still have made ​​a choice".

" Jacob 's Ladder " is the musical description of a storm that is musically divided into three parts: the preparation ( " The clouds prepare for battle " ), the struggle between the clouds and the approaching fair weather ("All at once, the clouds are parted, light streams down "). "Natural Science" deals with the responsibility imposed on a person with science.


The album reached # 4 on the Billboard 's charts, the single "The Spirit of Radio" number 51 in the singles charts. The album was certified gold.


  • I: Tide Pools - 2:21
  • II: Hyperspace - 2:47
  • III: Permanent Waves - 4:08


  • Geddy Lee - bass, keyboards, vocals
  • Alex Lifeson - guitar
  • Neil Peart - drums, percussion


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