YYZ (instrumental)

YYZ is an instrumental title of the Canadian rock band Rush from their album Moving Pictures from the year 1981. He was for decades an indispensable part of live performances by the band and was nominated in 1982 for a Grammy in the Best Rock Instrumental category. The title refers to processed and the identification code of the airport of Toronto in Morse code. He further distinguished by a rock in the context rather rare degree of processing and developing musical ideas, a corresponding structure as well as a solo intertwined virtuosity of all the musicians involved.

Airport code

YYZ is the IATA airport identification code of the Toronto-Pearson.

It is common practice to send in navigation aids in the aviation industry the respective identification code in Morse code on all sides BEFORE. An aircraft which has VOR, can thus be sure to be connected to the correct station.

Part A

Part A of the song takes up this rhythmic pattern of the letters in Morse code and it varies musically.

Part B

Part B begins with a two-bar dominated by sixteenths reef in unison by bass and guitar. The meter changes from 5/4 to 4/4-time. The riff / motif takes repeated and staggered to a third up, a total of 16 measures a.

In the following section, bass and guitar separate. While the bass the previous motive in moving eighths and sixteenths harmonically and rhythmically varied ( Sample? / I ), the guitar brings an independent thereof, rhythmically slower figure. The hitherto " straight / straighte " rather striking percussion accompaniment will change, here to a rather swing stressed dotted playing ( Sample? / I).

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