• At the German historian Hans Prutz (1843-1929) see Hans Prutz.
  • For the German writer Robert Eduard Prutz (1816-1872) see Robert Eduard Prutz.

Prutz is a municipality with 1742 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the Landeck district in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The municipality is part of the judicial district of Landeck.


Prutz at the output of the Kaunertal in the High Court, the uppermost part of the Tyrolean Inn Valley. The village center is located on a debris cone of Faggenbachs.

Neighboring communities

  • Faggen
  • Fendels
  • Kaun
  • Ladis
  • Ried in the Upper Inn Valley


Prutz was since the Carolingian era service station and later coaching. The conditions were favorable for a residential development. Documented the place was first mentioned in 1028. The late-Gothic parish church in Baroque style in the 17th century. 1903 a major fire destroyed most of the village, the typical Western Tyrolean settlement pattern with closely juxtaposed rows of houses is still preserved in the center. Prutz was originally part of the judicial district of Ried in Tirol and, after the dissolution of the judicial district of Ried in 1978 part of the judicial district of Landeck.

Culture and sights

See list of monumental objects in Prutz

  • Parish of the Assumption with attached Antonius chapel with cemetery with two chapels and then Widum
  • Kaltenbrunner chapel at the southern end
  • Lourdes Chapel and Calvary in Entbruck
  • Tullenkapelle southwest of the old Inntalstraße
  • Former Hermitage Wiesele on a wooded mountainside
  • Notable in the nucleus late Gothic houses, tower in the field, tower in width
  • Pontlatz Bridge as iron parabola bridge from 1899

Economy and infrastructure

In Prutz Kaunertal power plant TIWAG is rated at about 400 MW, which was built in 1964 (47 ° 4 ' 4 " N, 10 ° 39' 54" O47.06767810.665112870 ). It receives water from Gepatschspeicher a 13.2 km long pressure water line.

Active clubs in village life include the Prutzer shooting club, the Prutzer Sports Club, the band Prutz and Tennis Club Prutz.

In the property of the municipality is located next to the largest swimming pool of the district and the campsite Aktiv-Camping Prutz immediately adjacent to the Sauerbrunnquelle spring in the district Entbruck.

Due to the traffic- favorable situation are in place three food markets to supply the local area.


  • Joseph Schwarzmann (1806-1890) famous ornament painter in Munich, honorary citizen of Speyer.