Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

The super sucker is an American comedy film from the year 1987 and the first sequel to the successful comedy Revenge of the Nerds in 1984.


The fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda ( Tri - Lambs) is planning their vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, Lewis must travel alone with his friends, as Gilbert broke through a risky maneuver in chess the leg. This harms the trip, however, because after a pleasant flight, Florida is the hoped-for recovery paradise and relax while the friends by the pool, Lewis tried to enroll at the Royal Flamingo Hotel. However, he learns of the beautiful blonde receptionist that all postings in the Tri - Lambs were canceled and were the Alpha Betas overwritten. These were previously always on a collision course to nerds. So the Tri - Lambs must seek a new hotel and the Hotel Coral Essex find, an extremely run-down hostel.

Meanwhile, Sunny finds that the rooms were available and only the hotel manager said that he did not want nerds in his hotel. Also, Roger, Chairman of the Alpha Betas, planning how to get rid of the Tri - Lambs and has an idea. During a night ride into the jungle to see the Tri - Lambs, as a young woman is apparently kidnapped by the Seminoles, a tribe of Indians in Florida. To save them, they pursue the Indians and thereby fall into the trap of the Alpha Betas, who merely disguised as Indians and demand that the nerds will disappear. After she had to get rid of almost their entire clothing, they flee then humiliated back to her hotel.

When they meet the next day at the large Convent, the Tri - Lambs are again confronted with the Alpha Betas who preside over this meeting of several student organizations. And it gets even worse, because Roger also brings another referendum with the number 15 on the vote, which is to ensure that all nerds are excluded from the Convent. But the Tri - Lambs can not offer and organize a larger party, where they occur as Musikakt to advertise that all other student organizations vote against it. As both the ceremony and the referendum in favor of the Tri - Lambs fails, the wide world of Alpha Betas and the great hotel room for them seems to stand open. Now they can finally enjoy their well-deserved vacation. And so they are invited by Sunny and her friends to the beach. After you have enjoyed the day, they drive back to the hotel and are thereby arrested by the police for alleged car theft and sent to prison.

And there sits the deep disappointment, as the Tri - Lambs not only know how to finish her college, but Lewis is also personally disappointed by Sunny, because he had trusted her. Once they are brought by Stewart, a work colleague of Sunny from prison, this is already waiting for Lewis and tried several times to apologize to him, but he does not believe her and really tries her to go out of the way. And just at this moment he, Sunny and the rest of the Tri - Lambs are kidnapped by the Alpha Betas and taken on the high seas, where they are thrown in front of an uninhabited island in the open sea. After Sunny voluntarily jumped in after, Roger noticed that you can not trust ogres, because he seems to be a bit talkative, so he throws him right afterwards. But Ogre can not swim and is just before drowning his displeasure, he is a staunch Alpha - Beta, hates of the deepest heart of all nerds, rescued by a Tri -Lambda and pulled ashore. There being no escape is possible, all spend the night on the island.

After Lewis has a dream with his best friend Gilbert, which grants him courage and hope to escape, all make the next morning fresh to work. They quickly find out on which island they are and that a former Cuban officer once hid his equipment on the island. Once they have found them, they use a military amphibious vehicle to come as soon as possible to Convent, because Roger is planning, meanwhile, after the failure of his motion to exclude the Tri - Lambs in the absence of the alleged criminal activities of the Community. And it is in this moment to break through the Tri - Lambs the wall of the hall and disrupt the conference. After you have transferred Roger lies and takes a punch in the pool, may the Tri - Lambs, despite all the criticism of the Alpha Betas remain in the student union.

Back at Adams College ogre is received with honor at the Lambda Lambda Lambda.


Both the professional critics and the general public took the film to negative. So count the website RottenTomatoes of 18 professional reviews rated only a positive, corresponding to a value of 6%. Also from 25 037 users evaluated only 39% of the film positive. This in turn is from the online film archive IMDb, another platform, can submit their film reviews on the normal users, confirmed, because there gave the film an average of 5,883 users miserable 4.3 out of 10 possible points. (Updated: October 9, 2011)

Janet Maslin was in the New York Times that the film offers little more than the average of a comedy (is at least slightly more Varied than the average fraternity -boy comedy ) and criticized the screenwriters Larry B. Scott because of the stereotypical homosexual in the movie ( there 's nothing good did Larry B. Scott can do with the script 's limp - wristed stereotypically homosexual character). However, they found the characters, especially Carradine, who played Lewis Skolnick, sympathetic ( Mr. Carradine [ ... ] is likable ).

In the Chicago Sun- Times Roger Ebert taught that the film does not show nerds, but only a few interesting people. Because nerds not just people who would be well versed with computers, but nerds who have a lack of elegance in life (A nerd is a nerd Because He brings a special lack of elegance to life ). The real nerds of the film rather be the Alpha Betas, defeated at the end of the film and be humiliated, unfortunately on a unfunny way (The true nerds in the movie are, of course, the Alpha Betas, and They get defeated and humiliated at the end, but not in a funny way. ). And so he slating the film further, for his screenplay of idiocy not to be outdone, as a story in all the actions simply did not mean anything (As screenplays go, this is as idiotic as it gets. And yet the story means nothing in synthesis enterprises. ).

For Hal Hinson of the Washington Post, the movie was just stupid stupid, and let one also only feel stupid ( " Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise ." Is - stupid dumb This is a movie that [ ... ] make you feel dumb).

The lexicon of the International film meant that " many of the jokes to which this meeting gives rise [... ] very few " light.


Julia Montgomery played with only three of the four Revenge of the Nerds movies. In The Super idiot she refused the role of Betty, as the first scene of the screenplay originally stipulated that Betty Lewis would cheat. She said that this would not correspond to the character of Betty and refused even after director Joe Roth suited her to rewrite the scene as they wished to continue the cooperation. You only have to see a photo of her on which she is wearing a cowboy hat and that is seized by Lewis in the first setting of the film in the suitcases.

Moreover, the known from the first film Bernie Casey, Brian Tochi and Ted McGinley no longer play with and Timothy Busfield in the role of Arnold Poindexter, it was the last performance. However, Poindexter can be seen on the movie poster of the fourth film Chaos Kings, although he was neither starred in the film mentioned. Anthony Edwards, who is only seen at the beginning and end of the film as Gilbert Lowe, and Andrew Cassese as Harold Wormser sequels were replaced by other actors in the two.


The film shows many references to other well-known films. So the guy is already comparable introduced to the Star Wars credits. And when it ends, the intro music easily converts from the theme of the Terminator film. In the English version Booger says after landing in Fort Lauderdale " they're heeeere " which is a quote from The Poltergeist in the appropriate pronunciation and intonation. Also the scene between Boger and his supposed master Snotty is a reference to The Karate Kid. The answer Sunnys on the question of who is the hotel manager, is a reference to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Fred C. Dobbs was the name of the character Humphrey Bogart played.


The film was released on July 10, 1987 in the U.S. cinemas and played on the opening weekend in movie theaters in 1351 almost 7.9 million U.S. dollars of its nearly 10 million U.S. dollar production costs again. Thus, the film went straight to # 1 at the box office and was able to Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, which only grossed 6.1 million dollars in 881 cinemas, refer to second place. Overall, the film was able to import nearly 30 million U.S. dollars, with which he recorded 10 million less than its predecessor, Revenge of the Nerds.

In Germany the film on January 9, 1989, released directly to VHS and on 1 October 2003 appeared the DVD release.

The film is the first of three sequels to the hit comedy Revenge of the Nerds ' (1984). While this film was released in theaters yet, surgery cerebellum (1992 ) Chaos and Kings (1994 ) were only produced for television. The planned television series came despite the broadcast of the pilot episode in 1991 on FOX, and precisely because of its negative reviews, never to pass.