Russia men's national ice hockey team

Russia Russia Sbornaja

The Russian national ice hockey team, also Sbornaja (Russian Сборная ( shortened from Сборная команда ), in German: Collective team selection) called, represents Russia in international hockey tournaments and is one of the best teams in the world. It is run after the World Cup 2011 ranked one of the IIHF World Ranking and is the legal successor of the Soviet national team with 26 titles (including 22 from the times of the USSR ) sole world champion.


After the dissolution of the Soviet Union did not succeed in the Russian first selection to continue the success story of the Soviet era. She stayed after the World Cup victory in 1993 for the next nine years without a medal. The greatest successes of this period were winning the Izvestia Cup (1992/ 93 to 1995 /96), the Baltica Cup (1999/ 00, 2000/ 01 ) and the Rosno Cup (2004/ 05). After the takeover of the coach Vyacheslav Bykov Office through in 2006, the Russian Hockey recorded an upswing and won in both 2008 and 2009, the World Championship. Under coach Sinetula Bilyaletdinov you could win the World Cup in 2012.



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