Rıza Kayaalp

Riza Kayaalp ( born October 10, 1989 in Yozgat ) is a Turkish wrestler. He was 2010 and 2012 European champion and 2011 world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the heavyweight division.


Riza Kayaalp began as a teenager in 2000 with the rings. He belongs to the Sports Club ASCI Ankara, where it is coached by former Olympic champion Mehmet Akif Pirim. It focuses entirely on the Greco- Roman style. He weighs in at a size of 1.85 meters 110 kg and therefore wrestles in the heavyweight division. Currently wrestling is also his profession.

Riza Kayaalp been extremely successful even as a junior wrestler. Between 2005 and 2009 he was twice World Champion and three times European Champion in the various junior age groups.

In 2008 he has also been used as a 19 -year-old junior wrestler at the Olympic Games in Beijing. He lost there but in the heavyweight division like his first fight against the Lithuanian Mindaugas Mizgaitis and had to retire early because Mizgaitis not reached the final battle. He only finished in the 20th place.

The Turkish Wrestling Federation but continued in the following years on the young Riza Kayaalp. In the European Championship 2009 in Vilnius he defeated in his second fight against Alexander Anutschkin from Russia and finished 10th. Already at the 2009 World Championships in Herning / Denmark he showed greatly improved and won there with four wins a World Cup bronze medal. Worth mentioning are especially his success on Yuri Patrikeyev from Armenia and Alexander Anutschkin. Against the multiple world champion and Olympic champion Mijain Lopez Nunez of Cuba, he delivered in the semifinals a valiant fight, but could not jeopardize this.

In 2010, Riza Kayaalp celebrate his first title victory in the seniors. He was born in Baku in the heavyweight champions and defeated on the way to this success Ivan Ivanov from Bulgaria, Dimitri Jawachischwili from Georgia, Mindaugas Mizgaitis and Radomir Petkovic of Serbia. Also in the 2010 World Cup in Moscow, he did very well, although this time he was defeated there in his second fight against Yuri Patrikeyev. With victories over Mihaly Deak Bardos of Hungary, Dalal Dharshender from India, Johan Magnus from Sweden and your Dremiel Byers from the United States but he fought his way to another World Cup bronze medal.

The year 2011 was for Riza Kayaalp more than successful. He won this year three major international tournaments in Istanbul, Minsk and Baku. At the European Championships in Dortmund he defeated David Lengyel from Slovakia, Johan Magnus your from Sweden, Nico Schmidt from Germany and Yuri Patrikeyev from Kazakhstan. Only in the final he was stopped by the Russian Olympic champion Khasan Macharbekowitsch Barojew, against whom he defeated with 1:2 and 1:3 rounds points. At the World Championships in Istanbul, he took advantage of a home crowd his home advantage and has won victories over Radhouane Chebbi, Tunisia, Ivan Ivanov, Bulgaria, Mihaly Deak Bardos, Hungary, Nurmachan Tinalijew from Kazakhstan and in the final over the multiple world champion and Olympic champion Mijaín López from Cuba, whom he defeated 2-0 rounds and 4-0 points for the first time world champion at the elite wrestlers.

2012, Riza Kayaalp secured in Belgrade, in turn, the European title. On the way to defeating Yuri Patrikeyev, Guram Pherselidse, Georgia, Iosif Tschugoschwili, Belarus, Mihaly Deak Bardos and Cassan Barojew. At the Olympic Games in London, he started out as one of the favorites. He could also meet this role, even if it was not enough to Olympic victory, because he was defeated in the semi-finals again against Mijain Lopez Nunez. In the battle for the bronze medal he then defeated in the consolation round Guram Pherselidse. Prior to his loss to Nunez, he had Evgeny Orlov and Dremiel Byers, United States defeated.

2013 Riza Kayaalp was back at the European Championship in Tbilisi in its former strength. He got there with wins over the suddenly emerging as Azerbaijanis Serbs Radomir Petkovic, about Iosif Tschugoschwili, Guram Pherselidse and Evgeny Orlov another European title. In 2013 he won even at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin and at the Universiade in Kazan. At the World Championships in 2013 in Budapest, he triumphed over Naveen, India, Sergei Andrusik, Russia and Robert Smith from the United States. Then he was defeated by the until July 2013 for doping locked Amir Ali Akbari from Iran. With a victory over Johan Magnus but your still he won a bronze medal. Since the review of the doping test by Amir Ali Akbari was found that this was drugged again, this the world title in 2013 was withdrawn and Riza Kayaalp moved up to 2nd place. By fraud by Amir Ali Akbari the competition result has been, of course, fundamentally distorted because Riza Kayaalp had therefore no chance against the Estonians Heiki Nabi to fight for the world title.

International success

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  • Light heavyweight, to 96 kg Heavy weight up to 120 kg body weight ( to 31 December 2013, since 1 January 2014 a new weight class classification applies by the FILA Wrestling World Association )