Schnaus ( [ ʃnaʊ̯s ]? / I ) until December 31, 2013, municipality in the district Ilanz in the district Surselva the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. On 1 January 2014 merged with the former municipalities Schnaus Castrisch, Duvin, Ilanz, Ladir, luffing, Pigniu, Pitasch, Riein, Rueun, Ruschein, Sevgein, Siat the new community Ilanz / Glion.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In black three diagonally left Asked silver (white ) arrows

The arrow points to the St. Sebastian, which was originally dedicated to the local church. The number three of the arrows represents the historic community of composite Schnaus with Ruschein and Ladir.


The municipality is located on the left side of the Anterior Rhine west of Ilanz. It consists of two parts. The lower southern part extends from the anterior Rhine as far up as Mulin and ranges from 700 m up to a height of 1220 m. The upper northern part, the Alp da Schnaus ranges from 1700 m up to the crest as Tiarms ( 2412 m above sea level. M. ) and consists largely of mountains and forest. The two parts are separated by a strip municipality of Ruschein.

Of the total municipal area of ​​299 ha 174 ha is arable. Of this area, 144 ha of mountain pastures. In addition, 92 ha are covered by forests and woodland and 26 ha are unproductive area (mountains ). The remaining seven hectares are settlement area.


From the end of 2004 121 inhabitants were 102 ( = 84.30 %), Swiss nationals. The majority of the population speaks Sursilvan and is reformed.


Monumental is the Protestant church. Of historical significance, the Historic workshop Mulin also is in the west of the village. On the other side of the stream, but already on the municipality of Rueun is the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene.