Laax ( German, Romansh: Lags [ la ː ks ] / i) is a municipality in the district of Surselva Ilanz, District Surselva the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland.

The official language is Sursilvan. The name (originally lags ) means " lakes ". The field names and Lavanuz Nagiens are considered pre-Roman.


The municipal district extends from Laaxer Tobel up to the watershed of the Grisons and Glarus mountains and glaciers advance. The municipal area, the lakes are Lag digl colonel and the Laaxersee. Above Laax is known for his capercaillie population Uaul Taviarna.

Ski resort

Above Laax Laax the ski area, offering more than 253 km of slopes and 29 ski lifts. It extends across the municipalities of Flims -Valera and is also accessible from these communities ago. The ski area is operated by the Weisse Arena Group and marketed. The Weisse Arena Group began in 1996 with the merger of the cable cars Crap Sogn Gion and the cable cars Flims. The Crap Sogn Gion in 1962 opened up to tourists.


Laax is first mentioned indirectly in the year 765, many as bishop of Chur Tello areas of lower Surselva, including his inheritance of the village Flemme ( Flims ) bequeathed to the monastery of Disentis. In his will, field names are mentioned on Laaxer ground.

The village of Laax is mentioned in a list of the Cathedral of Chur in 1290 for the first time. In the Habsburg land register of 1309, the market and the court of justice of the Free Laax is mentioned. 1428, the outdoor of Laax bought for 300 gold ducats of the reign of Count Rudolf VII of Werdenberg -Sargans free. 1677 inaugurated Udalrich de Montreal, Bishop of Chur, the new church Laaxer the patron saint Gallus and Otmar.

In the Middle Ages Laax formed with a market agent cooperative. Only in the 19th century, the community areas were finally excreted from each other. Ecclesiastical belonged Laax first also to agent, but was in 1525 with the establishment of its own parish church ( St. Othmar and gallic ) independently. After the dissolution of the Court Laax- Buchen 1851 the community was assigned to the circle Ilanz.

1880 in Laax is the first hotel was built, the Seehof.


Catholic parish church of St. Gallus and Otmar



Nature reserve Lag digl Colonel

Laax in winter

School house and indoor pool


  • The Chapter No Rainbow and The Legend of The Fall in the English-speaking Roman Angel of Sebastian Michael play mostly in Laax. ( Optimist Books, 2009 ) ISBN 978-1409228967 ( Hardback) ISBN 978-1409229001 ( Paperback)