Soul Food ( Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH ) is a German distributor of independent labels and companies from the fields of music, DVD and merchandising with its headquarters in Hamburg.


Founded in May 2002 by Georg Schmitz and Jochen Richert, the company made ​​it his mission to provide labels mainly from the rock, metal and independent sector a marketing platform. In the meantime, can be found in the range of music but other musical genres. So brought over the years more and more companies like Trisol, Ipecac, Blue Rose and Enja their records on Soul Food on the market.


From soul food include the following labels are sold:

  • AFM Records ( among others Avantasia, Doro, Whitesnake )
  • Amigo Records ( Montreal)
  • Blue Rose (including Steve Earle, Kris Kristofferson, Gomez)
  • Distributionz (including DCVDNS, contraindications K, Blood Spencore )
  • Dreyfus ( Django Reinhardt, among others )
  • F.D.A. Rekotz (including Chapel of Disease, Skeletal Remains, Deserted Fear, Lifeless, Wound )
  • GLM ( among others Quadro Nuevo )
  • G-Stone ( among others, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca )
  • Scoundrels band ( among others EstA, Baba Saad )
  • Hb Records ( among others Wael 27)
  • I Luv Money Records (including Godsilla, King Orgasmus One)
  • Ipecac ( Melvins et al )
  • Jeepster Records
  • Massacre Records ( among others Wolfchant )
  • Nettwerk ( inter alia, Great Lake Swimmers, Maria Taylor)
  • Prophecy Productions ( The Vision Bleak etc., Dornenreich )
  • Sumthing Else Music Works (also Sumthing; various video games soundtracks )
  • Trisol ( inter alia, ASP, Dope Stars Inc.)
  • Wolfpack Entertainment ( among others, D -Bo, Vega ).