Tarzan's New York Adventure

  • Johnny Weissmuller: Tarzan
  • Maureen O'Sullivan: Jane
  • Johnny Sheffield: Boy
  • Charles Bickford: Buck Rand
  • Virginia Grey: Connie Beach
  • Paul Kelly: Shields
  • Chill Wills: Montford
  • Cy Kendall: Col. Ralph Seargent
  • Howard C. Hickman: Norton lawyer
  • Charles Lane: Attorney Beaton
  • Russell Hicks: Judge Abbotson
  • Miles Mander: Harbourmaster

Tarzan's New York Adventure is an American adventure film directed by Richard Thorpe from the year 1942. The screenplay is based on motives of Edgar Rice Burroughs. The premiere took place in Germany in 1950.


Employees of a circus arrive by plane in the jungle to look for lions for their show. The three men meet here on Tarzan, Jane, and their adopted child Boy. They are impressed with the handling of the boy with the elephant. The leader of the men, Buck Rand, believes the boy could become a star in his circus. The group is attacked by natives, as well as Tarzan and Jane appear to have died in a jungle fire. The men take the boy to the United States.

However, Tarzan and Jane are not dead The monkey Cheeta could both warn in time before the fire. By Cheeta Tarzan learns that Boy has departed with the men. Tarzan, Jane and Cheeta make their way to New York. Once there, Tarzan is irritated from civilization. After a short time he misses the jungle; he must adapt to the customs of civilization by wearing clothes. An opera singer on the radio he considers a woman screaming for help. The dark-skinned people living here he considers Africans who wish to return to the jungle.

Tarzan and Jane try to get it back in a lawsuit against her son. Tarzan is provoked to judicial questioning by opposing counsel so that he attacks him in the courtroom. Tarzan escapes through the window and jump from the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River. Finally, he finds the circus, in the Boy is to work as a tamer. With the help of his jungle Tarzan language may insure the help of elephants. The animals break free from the chains and destroy the circus. In the hustle and bustle Tarzan can free the boy and then make together with Jane on the way back to Africa.


"Despite the charming contrast between urban and jungle existence of the conventional adventure movie never achieved more than serial format. "


  • The jungle scenes of MGM production filmed in Florida.
  • This was the sixth of 12 Tarzan films of the former Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller (5 gold medals ). At the same time it was Maureen O'Sullivan's sixth and last appearance as Jane. Johnny Sheffield appeared eight times on as Tarzan's adopted son, Boy. This film was his third appearance.
  • Director Thorpe staged four Tarzan adventure with Johnny Weissmuller.
  • Elmo Lincoln has a cameo as a circus worker. Lincoln in 1918 was the first Tarzan actor.
  • Art director of the film was Cedric Gibbons. Gibbons was not only eleven times Oscar winner, he also led twice directed. In 1934, he staged Tarzan ( Tarzan and his Mate ) with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan.
  • Set decorator was the eight-time Academy Award winner Edwin B. Willis, while was responsible for the sound of the seven -time Oscar winner Douglas Shearer.
  • The special effects are from the Oscar-winning team A. Arnold Gillespie and Warren Newcombe.