Teacher's Pet (1958 film)

  • Clark Gable: Gannon / Gallagher
  • Doris Day: Erica Stone
  • Gig Young: Dr. Pine
  • Mamie van Doren: Peggy
  • Nick Adams: Barney
  • Charles Lane: Roy
  • Marion Ross: Katy
  • Peter Baldwin: Harold Miller

Teacher's Pet is an American comedy film directed by George Seaton from the year 1958. Germany premiere was on 19 December 1958.


James Gannon, the editor of a New York newspaper, is of the opinion, for a good journalist is the university education wasted time. In the newspaper business only count the experience. Erica Stone is a lecturer in journalism at the local university and asks calculated Gannon if the wanted to speak in front of a night school class. Gannon unceremoniously writes a letter to the teacher, in which he represents his point of view. But his editor sends him to the university. Gannon sees how attractive is the lecturer, but the letter can not stop. Erica reads the letter to the class aloud.

Gannon decides to join the class as the alleged businessman Jim Gallagher. The teacher is enthusiastic about her new students, she thinks he is an extremely talented journalism students. Gannon feels more and more attracted to Erica, but does with his cunning on. In addition, he must be of the psychologist Dr. Pine, who is believed Gannon, also has one eye cast on Erica, resist and even to his own girlfriend, a singer who care. When Erica finds out the true identity Gannons, she wants to turn away from him. But with the help of Dr. Pine find the two to each other again. They accept each other's views and understand each other.


  • For the filmdienst the film is a " routine staged Doris Day comedy. "
  • The video portal videobuster.de speaks of a " top comedy" and created to a new slogan: " All right, class Today we conjugate? " Laugh ".


  • Fay and Michael Kanin had the script first designed as a drama. Only when she could not find a production studio, they wrote it to a comedy.
  • Michael Kanin was honored in 1942 with the Oscar.
  • Decorator Hal Pereira was nominated 1953-1964 every year for at least one working for the Oscar, 1955 and 1964 in parallel even for three films. He has won the Oscar only once, in 1956. His colleague Sam Comer could take home four Oscars (1946, twice in 1951 and 1956).
  • The costumes were in the best hands. Responsible was the 8x Oscar-winning Edith Head.
  • Farciot Edouart was responsible for the special effects. In addition to two Academy Awards for his film work seven special Oscars he was awarded for his developments in camera technology and photography.


Oscars nominations 1959:

Golden Globe nominations 1959:

  • Best Picture - Musical or Comedy
  • Best Supporting Actor - Gig Young