The Miracle (1959 film)

The Madonna with two faces ( Original title: The Miracle ) is an American love story from 1959 and starring Carroll Baker and Roger Moore.. For the director Irving Rapper was responsible. This screen adaptation of Vollmoellerss The miracle is more the miracle of 1912 inspired by the German silent film, as in the play.


In a monastery in Spain in the early 19th century, the novice Teresa maintains the British Lieutenant Michael healthy. Teresa falls in love with him and breaks up with her ​​old life in the monastery and leaves it to look for Michael.


" Soulful Love adventures of a fugitive, later returning penitent novice at the time of the Napoleonic wars in Spain, surrounded by a Marie miracle. Maximum weird set as half Operetta Theater in scene. "

" With respect to the records and legends, had this classic religious pantomime a remarkably awesome, if not mystical quality to the stage where it was usually listed against the backdrop of a huge cathedral. But after the Warners and Butler paraphrased it for the screen, it was garrulous, colorful and vulgar, and only begins in a church. "


Originally, the film should be as early as 1942 by Wolfgang Reinhardt, son of the Austrian theater director Max Reinhardt, who directed the German silent film, directed.