We're No Angels (1955 film)

We 're No Angels (Original Title: We're No Angels ) is an American comedy film directed by Casablanca director Michael Curtiz in 1955 is based on the play A Fine Mess ( Original title: La cuisine des anges ). Albert Husson from the year 1953.


The just before Christmas Eve escaped from her prison on Devil's Island convicts Joseph, Albert and Julius want to escape on a steamer of the island. However, since this ship is still under quarantine, and they therefore need to bridge the time to drop, they steal a letter, which they deliver to the owner of a grocery store, Felix Ducotel. This is offer the three as experts for roof repairs and soon learn that the family is in a difficult situation.

Reason for this is mainly the fact that Felix the store operates only on behalf of his cousin André Trochard, the Felix increasingly putting pressure on profits and demands. Felix's wife Amelie 's afraid that André could take them to the store one day. The brought by the convicts letter announces Andrés early visit, which is currently still being held aboard the quarantined steamer along with his nephew Paul and wants to examine the books over Christmas. As Isabelle, daughter of Ducotels who will romance secret for Paul, faints, because she learns of Paul's marriage plans, take the three convicts the initiative. They make friends with the family and celebrate with them the Christmas evening by " get " different ingredients (flowers, turkey, Christmas tree ).

As Christmas Eve André and Paul are at the door, they are taken in by the convicts. Andrés feeling cold makes him during the three immediately unpopular - to protect the Ducotels, they first plan Ducotels books to " beautiful ". After these plans fail, they are planning to assassinate André, but refrain from so as not to bring the family Ducotel in trouble. André has now established the inadequacy of books and scents behind everything theft, he therefore confiscated Alberts box he always carries with him, unaware that the constant companion and " friend " of the trio, the poisonous snake Adolf, is in it. The three convicts are now torn between the possibility that André is bitten by the snake and the associated difficulties. You do decide to warn André therefore, but its power to decide about so much in the length that André himself notes that a poisonous snake in the box, where he is bitten by it and dies.

With a fake of Joseph Testament in Andrés handwriting his estate between Felix and Paul is split. Paul, however, turns out to be just as greedy as his uncle and burns the document. He is now the sole heir. While the three search desperately for the snake Adolf, this is found by Paul, who keeps them for a bracelet and is also bitten, so that he dies. The summoned by the Ducotels to certify the death of cousin André ship's doctor couple the convicts even with Isabelle and return then in best clothes back to prison because they appear safer life there. But you decide when there is too boring for them to break out next Christmas.

German version

The German synchronous processing originated in 1955 in the studios of the Berliner Synchron GmbH in Berlin. The dialog book came from Fritz A. Koeniger, synchronous directed by Volker Becker.

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  • The Movies We 're No Angels by Neil Jordan with Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and Demi Moore and Ore - tachi wa tenshi janai (俺 達 は 天使 じゃ ない) by Takashi Miike with Ren Osugi, Junji Inagawa and Makiko Kuno of 1993 also based on the play by Albert Husson.
  • This film marks the sixth and final collaboration by Michael Curtiz and Humphrey Bogart. Previously, she worked at Kid Galahad - with hard fists (1937 ), Chicago - Angels with Dirty Faces (1938 ), gold smuggling to Virginia ( 1940), Casablanca (1942 ) and ticket to Marseille ( 1944) together.


The British entertainment magazine Time Out criticized the " unfortunate composition of the protagonist trio", the " raspy singing Christmas ", the " static and leaden dialogue " and " stupid presentation of Humphrey Bogart ."

" [ ... ] Three Erzkomödianten in wonderful roles in a film full of wit and irony. ( Rating: above average) "

"American gangster comedy, full of humorous and ironic ideas, to European eyes and ears but rather strange. "