Wolf Hoffmann

Wolf Hoffmann ( born December 10, 1959 in Mainz ) is a German musician and photographer. He gained as a guitarist for the heavy metal band Accept international reputation.

Hoffmann grew up in Wuppertal, his father was a professor of chemistry and his mother a housewife. He attended a grammar school Altsprachliches. After high school, he decided on a career as a musician with the metal band Accept, to which he belonged since 1976.

In 1997 he released the album Classical with rock versions of classical pieces, which was produced by Michael Wagener in Nashville. Earlier he had hinted in Accept- pieces his sympathy for classical composers: He built such as parts of the Beethoven piece "Für Elise" in his guitar solo track " Metal Heart" a.

He also worked on the solo album by Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach Bring ' Em Bach Alive! with 2000 as well as on the Japanese Randy Roads Tribute Randy Rhoads Tribute album with Sebastian Bach on the song I Do not Know and with Joe Lynn Turner at the song Diary of a Madman. Hoffmann played with Skew Siskin Peace Breaker also at.

Hoffmann, a passionate photographer, made his hobby into a career. For the Accept- Objection Overruled album he had shot the cover photo. Since Accepts creative break from 1997 bis 2009/10, Hoffmann was now working as a professional photographer. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Wolf Hoffmann is married to Gaby Hoffmann (born Hauke ​​), Accepts manager. Gaby Hoffmann has contributed to several albums Accept the texts under the pseudonym Deaffy.