Worried Life Blues


The Worried Life Blues is a very common gecoverter and published by various blues musicians blues. The first release by Big Maceo Merriweather in 1941 made ​​known the original Blues Traditional and Merriweather. The piece was one of the first blues hits. There were other versions, such as Muddy Waters (1955 ), Chuck Berry (1960 ), Eric Clapton (1980 and 2000), BB King ( 1970 and 2000 ) and Bob Dylan (2006). More Artists by Merriweather had with the Worried Life Blues chart successes.

The Worried Life Blues tells the story of the suffering of a past love, the continuing thought and longing for the exes, and that this suffering will be over one day ( " But someday, baby, I is not gonna worry my life anymore" ).

Some of the publications titled the piece with Someday baby or Trouble No More.

The Someday Baby Blues by Sleepy John Estes

The Worried Life Blues by Merriweather goes back to the "Someday Baby Blues" by Sleepy John Estes, the latter had recorded for Decca Records in 1935. Estes played the piece with vocals and guitar as a traditional country blues; the text was even more responsive to different structure than in the later version of Merryweather.

First published by Merriweather

Merriweather worked the former Traditional into a typical Chicago blues and changed this text. The characteristic final line was maintained.

Big Maceo Merriweather had come to Chicago in 1941 and had signed his first recording contract with Bluebird Records. On 24 June 1941 he took on as the first single to Worried Life Blues. Merriweather played the piece in mid-tempo and with an 8- bar blues scheme and took over vocals and piano. He was accompanied by his friend, with Tampa Red (guitar), and Ransom Knowling ( bass). The play was a hit -. A chart position was not yet listed at this time [NB 1]

It was immediately followed by other versions, such as Bill Gaither (1941 ), Sonny Boy Williamson (1942 ), and Honeyboy Edwards ( 1942). Merrieweather himself took in 1945 a second version, contained the additional text, in turn, accompanied by Tampa Red Under the title " Things Have Changed ", this version reached # 4 on the Billboard now established R & B charts.

Versions by other artists

The Worried Life Blues was played in countless versions. The following list is a range of versions that reached a chart position or have been released on an album.


The Worried Life Blues was one of the first titles that - along with Sweet Home Chicago and Dust My Broom - were included in the newly created Blues Hall of Fame 1983 ( Category: " Classics of Blues Recordings ").

In 2006, the Blues the Grammy Hall of Fame Award was given.