X (Def-Leppard-Album)


X is the title of the published 2002 eighth studio album by the English hard rock band Def Leppard. The title refers to the Roman spelling of the number ten, as it is in the album when the two until 2002 published compilation albums (Retro Active and Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits ) counts the band in order is the total tenth album of the group.


As published in the 1996 album Slang to Def Leppard turned during the recording of X again from the famous sound and tried, with the help of Marti Fredrickson, who had already worked with Aerosmith, and Andreas Carlson and Per Aldeheim ( 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys) to change the musical direction. Overall, the group seemed for a poppier, radio-friendly sound to search.

The production was again Pete Woodroffe, who had already contributed to the emergence of two previous albums. Most of the songs were recorded in Joe's garage, the private recording studio of singer Joe Elliott, also all the vocal tracks were recorded. The instrumental recordings for the title Now, You're so Beautiful and Everyday taken by Marti Frederiksen in Rumbo Studios in Los Angeles, the title Unbelievable was recorded and produced by Per Aldeheim and Andreas Carlsson at Polar Studios in Stockholm.


Thomas copper ( Rock Hard ) wrote about this album, it would " hardly to the (commercial) century success ", " build " Pyromania " and " Hysteria, although " the quintet with various well-established co-authors " have collaborated to your own material " to give a contemporary painting ." This would have certainly tried to " new impetus ", ultimately you must establish, however, that "this (? Thank God ) did not succeed " is. Only " the fact that you can set to" X " the Rock Influences pushed more into the background in favor poppigerer sounds " have, witness " from the influence of co- writer squad ". The album would " even after several runs, not quite ignite ", the song material WOULD " phases calculated frightening and ground smooth ", and a "pressure looser singing " singer Joe Elliott had " never delivered ". Only a few titles reminded " at much imagination to former heroic deeds " of the quintet. Otherwise dominate " cultivated boredom ", the " broken one way or another flare-up of the typical Def Leppard - melodies " and so only the "saved from total mediocrity " in front would.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic stated that it was the group " did not succeed with the published 1999 album" Euphoria ", in popular perception" ( continued ) " to be perceived as an active band ." Also, X could " eliminate this shortcoming certainly not " because many sounds on the album, as if the band " in a desperate search for a new hit". Positive should be noted that they are " not chasing hip sounds " have to be acting but " age-appropriate ". Erlewine concludes that " slick production " and the " self-confident adults" made ​​the album " unfortunately " to " a leaden affair. "

Title list


Joe Elliott • Vivian Campbell • Phil Collen • Rick Savage • Rick Allen

Pete Willis, Steve Clark • (†) • Tony Kenning • Frank Noon

On Through the Night • High n 'Dry Pyromania • • Hysteria • Adrenalize • Slang • Euphoria • X • Yeah! • Songs from the Sparkle Lounge

Hysteria Remixes

Mirror Ball • Viva! Hysteria

Retroactive • Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits • Best Of • Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection


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