21st Army (Wehrmacht)

The 21st Army / Army High Command 21 (AOK 21 ) was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. She was supreme command each alternating Army Corps as well as many special forces.



  • Northern Germany: April to May 1945

The 21st Army was set up after the Battle of East Prussia from parts of the 4th Army and Army Group Steiner from the Army Group Vistula end of April 1945. At this time the Wehrmacht units were already strong signs of dissolution. From Tippelskirch neither could stop the flow of refugees, still locate its units. They surrendered on 2 May 1945 in Northern Germany with Ludwig desire Eldena and Doemitz before British troops.



Outline on April 28, 1945

  • III. SS Panzer Corps
  • XI. Army Corps

Outline on 30 April 1945

  • III. mixed SS Panzer Corps Kampfgruppe 4th SS-Polizei - Panzergrenadier - Division
  • 3rd Marine Infantry Division
  • Kampfgruppe 33 Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS " Charlemagne " ( French No 1 )
  • Kampfgruppe 15th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS ( Latvian No. 1)
  • 5 Hunter Division
  • Division for special disposal 606
  • Parachute - Panzer Replacement and Training Brigade 2 " Hermann Göring"
  • 1st Marine Division
  • 547th Volks- Grenadier Division

Outline on 2 May 1945

  • III. SS Panzer Corps
  • XI. Army Corps
  • XXVII. Army Corps

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