1st Army (Wehrmacht)

The 1st Army / Army High Command 1 (AOK 1 ) was a major unit of the Army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War.


The 1st Army was subordinated to the Army Groups C and D until 1944, from May 1944 almost exclusively of Army Group G.

She was supreme command each alternating Army Corps as well as many special forces.


The 1st Army was set up on 1 September 1939 but did not take part in the Polish campaign.

As part of the campaign in the west in 1940 it was first used to break through the Maginot Line. More following operations were directed against the center of France. The task of the 1st Army was then in securing the Atlantic coast ( Atlantic Wall ) against Allied attacks.

After the successful Allied landings ( Operation Overlord ) in June 1944, the 1st Army was pushed back to the western frontier of the German Reich.

From 15 to March 24, 1945 (Operation Undertone ) the U.S. 7th Army attacked on a broad front and a kesselte the 1st Army in Kaiserslautern. It, however, reach a breakthrough and the retreat to the Danube.

On May 6, 1945 the 1st Army capitulated in Haar near Munich.

Supreme Commander

  • Field Marshal Erwin von Witzleben: September 1, 1939 to October 26, 1940
  • Colonel-General Johannes Blaskowitz: October 26, 1940 to May 1, 1944
  • General of Panzer troops Joachim Lemelsen 1st May to June 2, 1944
  • Infantry General Kurt von der Chevallerie: June 2, bis September 5, 1944
  • General of Panzer Troops Otto von Knobelsdorffstraße: 5 September to 30 November 1944
  • General of Infantry Hans von Obstfelder: November 30, 1944 to February 28, 1945
  • Infantry General Hermann Foertsch is 28 February bis May 6, 1945
  • General of Cavalry Rudolf Koch Erpach: May 6 to May 8 1945