24th Army (Wehrmacht)

The 24th Army / Army High Command 24 (AOK 24) was a command authorities of the army of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War.



  • Southern Germany: October 1944 to May 1945

The 24th Army was set up on the border with Switzerland in October 1944. It was composed of the Deputy Commanding General of the Fifth Army Corps, and had in February and April 1945, no separate combat units. As of March 1945, the 24th Army was known as the "Fortress Alps " (→ Alpine Fortress ) and was temporarily placed under the 19th Army. The 19th Army was a federation with little more than divisional strength. They were composed of troops from the headquarters, which were filled in with units of Volkssturm and border security battalions. The 24th Army had to prevent the job a possible advance of the Allies via neutral Switzerland. They never got beyond the stage of a pure rump force and surrendered in May 1945.



  • Division No. 405
  • Kampfgruppe Friedrichshafen
  • Kampfgruppe Bodensee