Agnes I, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Agnes (* 1090, † December 29, 1125 in Quedlinburg ) was one of three daughters of the Polish duke Władysław I Herman and his wife Judith, a sister of Emperor Henry IV Agnes was like her aunts Beatrix and Adelheid abbess of the pins Gander home. and Quedlinburg.


Sure it has been demonstrated since 1111 as abbess in the monastery Gander home, maybe they previously had been abbess in Quedlinburg, because the Polish chronicle of Gallus Anonymus, which was probably completed before 1110 refers to it as members of the clergy.

Through its Governance in the two pin locations is not known, it may be assumed, however, that they took the position of her cousin, Emperor Henry V in Saxony, for like it was banned at the Council of Reims in 1119 by Pope Callistus II.

She died on December 29, 1125 in Quedlinburg.