Adelaide I, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Adelheid I. (* 977, † January 14, 1044 ), the third daughter of Emperor Otto II and his wife Theophano, was the second abbess of the convent of Quedlinburg.


Adelheid lived since the year 995 as canoness in Quedlinburg. She was raised by her aunt Matilda, daughter of Otto the Great, the first Abbess of Quedlinburg. After her death on 7 February 999, she was elected as her successor. At Michaelmas same year the election was repeated, and even consecrated them by Bishop Arnulf in the presence of other bishops and many secular magnates as abbess. From 999-1044 she stood in front of the convent of Quedlinburg. In the years 1014-1043 she was also the abbess of the combined pens of Gernrode and Frose, she took over at the same time, the line of the pin Vreden. From the year 1039 she was the abbess in the monastery Gander home by the year 1043.

When her sister Sophia, Abbess of Gander home, had died († January 27, 1039 ), she was also selected here: but as Emperor Conrad II did not agree with this choice, it was not introduced until after his death in office.

The convent of Quedlinburg was under her donations of her brother, Emperor Otto III. and its successor, Emperor Henry II, both Kaiser spent repeatedly also high season in Quedlinburg. The Yearbooks of Quedlinburg report for year 1021 in detail the dedication of the Collegiate Church and their altars in the presence of the emperor by the Bishop Arnulf of Halberstadt, the Archbishop Gero of Magdeburg and other bishops. Adelaide's year of death is not certain, the estimates range 1040-1044.