Ama (Aichi)

Ama (Japaneseあま 市, -shi) is a city in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi.


Ama is located east of Aisai and west of Nagoya.


The municipality was created on 22 March 2010 from the merger of the county's cities Jimokuji (甚 目 寺 町, -chō ), Miwa (美 和 町, -chō ) and Shippo (七宝 町, -chō ) from the district of Ama.


  • Jimokuji Kannon, a temple was established in 597
  • Shippo Art Village, an art center of China in the cloisonné style


Ama is developed in east-west direction from the Tsushima Line of Nagoya tetsudō ( Meitetsu ), within the city limits are three railway stations. Ama is connected via the Mei - Nikan highway to the Japanese motorway network.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Masanori Fukushima ( daimyo )

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Nagoya
  • Kiyosu
  • Inazawa
  • Aisai
  • Tsushima
  • Kanie
  • Oharu