Komaki, Aichi

Komaki (Japanese小 牧 市​​, - shi) is a city just a few kilometers north of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture on Honshu, the main island of Japan.

Situated in the mountain town of Komaki became famous in the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute ( 1584) between Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Oda Nobunaga as a venue. In the south of the city is a part of the airport Nagoya.

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Komaki is approximately in the middle of the Nōbi level. The city center and the western part are relatively flat, whereas the north and the east is dominated by a few hills.

In the urban area include the following smaller mountains to find:

  • Komaki -yama (小 牧 山): A 86 m high mountain, which is completely used as a park. At the top there is a city history museum. The mountain covers approximately 600 meters in the east-west and 400 meters in the north - south extension, with an area of about 21 hectares.
  • Iwasaki -yama (岩崎 山): a mountain, which is situated at a height of 54.9 meters in the northern part of the city center.
  • Hakusan (白山). Located in the east of Komaki, with a height of 260 m. He is one of the "three mountains Owari " ( Owari尾 张三 山Yong Jiang and the other two are Owari -fuji -san and HONGU in Inuyama ).

Through the urban area also flow many rivers and irrigation canals, as well as some water basin. The largest rivers include the Aise -gawa (合 瀬 川) and the Ōyama -gawa (大 山川).

Adjacent Cities and Towns

Komaki is bordered by the cities of Kasugai, Inuyama, Kōnan, Iwakura, Kitanagoya and villages Toyama and Oguchi.


Origin of the name

The city's name is derived from Komaki -chō, the name of a village before the church split. There to the name Komaki to the following statements:

  • Previously filed the sea to the mountain Komaki. According to a story that the sailors who saw the mountain and boarded the boats, their sails ( ho) rolled together ( maku ), the mountain was named Homaki -yama (帆 巻 山). This then was derived from Komaki.
  • As a horse market was carried out in the Middle Ages in the area, the city Komaki (驹 来, coma ki, such as " horses come " ) was called. This was later in a different spelling, but same pronunciation, written as Komaki (小 牧).



Coat of arms

The coat of arms depicts, from left, the Katakanaコマキ( Komaki ) dar. In addition, the whole crest to represent the front of an airplane. It was decided on 1 April 1955.


At the time of 1 January 2008, the population was 153 341 people. The number of men was 77,892, that of women 75 449. There were about 10,000 foreigners in the city, which accounts for a share of 5.8 %. Half ( 54 %) of these foreigners has Brazilian citizenship, followed by Chinese, Peruvians and the Philippines ( about 10% each )


  • Menard Art Museum: The museum displays works of art of the 19th and 20th centuries by artists from Japan and Europe.
  • Tagata Shrine (田 县 神社, Tagata -jinja ): famous for the fertility festival Honen Matsuri
  • Mamakannon (间 々 観 音): Famous as Japan's only temple that is dedicated to the female breast.
  • Mount Komaki (小 牧 山, Komaki -yama ): On it was in the past the castle Komaki, built by Oda Nobunaga. Today it has been transformed into a park. Is now located at its tip a city history museum, with an observation deck on the top.
  • Pool Komaki (小牧 温水 プール): If heated by the waste heat of an incinerator.



In Komaki three motorways, making Komaki to a busy traffic very well located place in the region Chūbu meet.

  • National roads 41, 155
  • Highways: Meishin highway, Chūō Expressway, Nagoya highway

Rail traffic

Through the urban area, the Komaki Line Meitetsu ( Nagoya Railroad ) from the train station Heian - dori (平安 通) runs in Nagoya to Central Station Inuyama. The following stations are located within the city limits:

  • Komakiguchi (小 牧 口 駅)
  • Komaki (小 牧 駅)
  • Komakihara (小 牧 原 駅)
  • Ajioka (味 冈 駅)
  • Tagata -jinja -mae (田 県 神社 前 駅)

From 1991 to 2007, there was the elevated railway Tōkadai Shin- Kotsu Peach Liner (桃 花台 新 交通 ピーチ ライナー) between the Komaki Station and the sleeping city Tōkadai east of the city. She was eventually replaced by a more favorable bus.


A part of the airport is located in Nagoya Komaki, the largest part in the community Toyoyama.


In Komaki mainly rice was cultivated in the past, but along with the expansion of the road network and highways Komaki has evolved as an important logistics base near the city of Nagoya. Lately, particularly many factories could be attracted. Companies headquartered in Komaki are:

  • Aichi Yoke (愛知 ヨーク 株式会社, Aichi Yoku Kabushikigaisha ), a yogurt maker.
  • Aoi Traffic (あおい 交通 株式会社, Aoi Kotsu Kabushiki - gaisha ), a bus and taxi companies.
  • Como (株式会社 コモ, Kabushiki - gaisha Komo ), a wholesale bakery.
  • Goyo Intex (五洋インテックス 株式会社, Goyo Intekkusu Kabushiki - gaisha ), a curtain and furniture store.
  • Sanyu Industries (三 友 工业 株式会社, Sanyu Kōgyō Kabushiki - gaisha ), a machine manufacturer.
  • Santec, a manufacturer of optical measuring instruments.
  • Tsunoda (株式会社 ツノダ, Kabushiki - gaisha Tsunoda ), a real estate rental and bicycle manufacturers.
  • Noda Screen (株式会社 野田 スクリーン, Kabushiki - gaisha Noda Skurīn ), a manufacturer of production machinery and materials.

Nevertheless, the economic center of the region, so that a large number of commuters to the nearby major city of Nagoya their jobs there.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kohei Hirate ( racing driver )


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