American Cordillera


The Cordillera of the Americas at the western edge - the expansion is enormous as compared with the Himalayas


The American Cordillera (Spanish cordillera " mountain range " ) are a chain of the Cordillera, which stretches west North and South America.

With a length of 15,000 kilometers (width up to 2500 km ) represent the longest fold mountains of the world; it ranges from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Closely related are the Cordillera to the Pacific Ring of Fire, whose eastern part, they form: many of the high peaks are volcanoes, all chains are marked by volcanism. The mountain system was formed by the subduction of the Pacific plate ( as well as the Cocos and Nazca Plate ) under the North American, the Caribbean and the South American Plate.


North America

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The Aleutian Islands form the north of Alaska, the sequel to the Ring of Fire, but are not counted as an island chain of the Cordilleras. Southeast Alaska ( the Alaska Panhandle ) is mostly occupied by the Cordillera.

  • Alaska
  • Elias range in Alaska and Canada
  • Cascade Range (or Pacific Cordillera ) on the west coast, primarily volcanic
  • Rocky Mountains in Canada and the U.S., the systems in the inland
  • Sierra Nevada in California

Central America

South America

The Cordilleras of South America are the Andes. They are made according to the region of two to three major chains: the Cordillera Occidental ( Western Cordillera ), Cordillera Central ( Central Range ) and the Cordillera Oriental (Eastern Cordillera ). There are also offshoots in the north and south.

  • Cordillera de Mérida in Venezuela, northern foothills
  • Western Cordillera Cordillera Occidental in Colombia
  • Cordillera Occidental in Ecuador; of which discontinued the coastal mountains Cordillera Costanera in Ecuador, a low mountain range
  • Cordillera Negra, Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Huayhuash and Cordillera Raura in northern Peru
  • Volcánica Cordillera in southern Peru
  • Cordillera Occidental in Bolivia
  • Central Range Cordillera Central in Colombia
  • Cordillera Real ( also Cordillera Central and Cordillera Oriental ) in Ecuador
  • Cordillera Central ( with Apolobamba Cordillera, Cordillera Real, Cordillera Muñecas, Cordillera Tres, Cordillera Azanaques, Cordillera de Frailes, Cordillera de chichas and Cordillera de Lípez ) in Bolivia
  • Eastern Cordillera Cordillera Oriental in Colombia
  • Cordillera Oriental ( Cordillera Azul with, Cordillera Huaguruncho, Cordillera Cordillera Vilcanota and Huaytapallana ) in Peru
  • Cordillera Oriental ( Cordillera de Cochabamba with ) in Bolivia
  • Cordillera de la Costa, the coastal mountains in Chile, southern foothills
  • Cordillera Darwin in Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost foothills
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