Andrey Vorontsevich

Andrei Konstantinovich Woronzewitsch (Russian: Андрей Константинович Воронцевич; born July 17, 1987 in Omsk, RSFSR ) is a Russian professional basketball player. Woronzewitsch plays since 2006 with CSKA Moscow, with whom he won the Russian Championship to date in each year and also 2008, the ULEB Euro League, the highest class European club competition. Since the 2008 Olympics, he is also an integral part of the Russian national team, with which at the European Championships he won the bronze medal in 2011. Despite its size of 2.07 m, which makes it ideal as a player of the frontcourt in basket close, he's a tweener in his game and takes about 40 percent of its throw attempts from a distance behind the three- point line.


Woronzewitsch joined in 2006 by the Association of Novosibirsk, in their youth teams he played until 2005, the dominant Russian basketball club CSKA Moscow. The series champion has won all Russian championships since 1992 and over the years 2001 and 2002. With Woronzewitsch we also won in 2007 and 2010, the Russian Cup competition, and thus the double in Russia. In 2010 they won in addition also the first time played Eastern European VTB United League, after winning the 2008 already Promo Cup tournament called test this association.

Euro League

In the continental club competition Euro League Woronzewitsch reached in 2006/ 07 with CSKA as defending the finale, which just went against Panathinaikos lost. The 19 -year-old Woronzewitsch itself was not used during the Final Four tournament. In the ULEB Euro League 2007 /08 they reached the finals again, defeating Maccabi Tel Aviv as in 2006, although coach Ettore Messina Woronzewitsch of the Final Four was not considered again. The same was repeated in the ULEB Euro Cup 2008/ 09, where you again at the Final Four at the O2 World Berlin in the final Panathinaikos Athens was beaten. In the ULEB Euro Cup 2009/ 10, it was indeed used by new coach Yevgeny Paschutin in almost all games, but this time they lost the semi-finals at the Final Four to eventual champions FC Barcelona and reached the third place after a narrow victory in extra time against KK Partizan Belgrade. From the latter opponents from Belgrade then came the new coach Dusko Vujošević, who is regarded as a promoter of young players. Under Vujošević then national team Woronzewitsch also had an increased operating time, however, one difference this time in the preliminary round of the ULEB Euro League 2010 /11, which led to the dismissal of Vujošević result, and reached for the first time since 2002, not the Final Four.


For the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing Woronzewitsch was first appointed to the final squad of men national team. The Surprise 2007 European Champion retired but after just one win in the first round before the quarter- finals prematurely. At the 2009 European Championships they won as the defending champion in the first round with the first game again only once and then lost against a young German national basketball team. Nevertheless, it was enough to move into the second round, in which they won all the games, but lost in the quarterfinals to eventual finalists Serbia and ultimately reached the seventh place. In the 2010 World Cup Woronzewitsch was the main rebounder the team. Up to the quarter-finals you just lost a game against hosts Turkey, left there but against the eventual champions United States, and once again took the seventh place. At the 2011 European Championships they won even to the semi-finals all games, including a rematch against Serbia in the quarterfinals. There then one but lost to France and was able to come up with a victory in the match for third place on the surprise team of the tournament Macedonia secure the bronze medal.