Audi 80

Audi 80 (1972-1976)

The Audi 80 B1 (internal designations: Audi Type 80 for the first model and type 82 for the facelift ) is a sedan in the Audi NSU Auto Union AG, and came in the early summer of 1972 as the successor of the Audi F103 on the German market. Its official launch was only at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1973. Starting in May 1973, a version Hatchback as VW Passat was built.

The two - or four-door car with a longitudinally mounted four-cylinder gasoline engine and front-wheel drive was replaced in the late summer of 1978, the Audi 80 B2 with the same technique.

Model history

Type 80 (1972-1976)

The first Audi 80 went on sale in June 1972. Its modern concept with the new engines should be the trend for the Audi and VW models of the 1970s. The newly designed engine ( EA827 ) with overhead camshaft and tappets had an intermediate shaft for driving the distributor and the gear oil pump. Because the car very light ( the 100 - PS version weighed just 900 kg) and the engines of that time were very efficient, the Audi 80 was a great sales after the first oil crisis in 1973.

VW had come with his tail motor vehicles in Beetle tradition beginning of the 1970s into a severe crisis, which could be overcome by new water-cooled models with Audi technology. The first VW model with Audi engines was unveiled in the spring of 1973 VW Passat. Except in the Passat, Audi's engines were also in the VW Scirocco and VW Golf (both from spring 1974) and used for many years onward formed the basis of all engines of the Volkswagen Group. The "original cast " of this engine block (letter ZA) is today - with chain instead of belt - the basis of all four-cylinder engines at VW.

Passat not only the engine, but also a large part of the body of Audi were taken. The first Passat was in fact the hatchback version of the Audi 80, which it was his part to buy only notchback. Except for the hatchback, the rectangular headlights, a slightly modified rear axle and other small body details of the VW Passat was identical to the Audi 80. In the U.S., the Audi 80 was sold as the Audi Fox, an estate version called the Audi Fox Station Wagon. This was basically identical to the VW Passat Variant, but was produced in Ingolstadt.

With a slight revision in the spring of 1974, the grille was replaced by a sheet of plastic. Furthermore, the bumpers were no longer drawn around the fenders, but provided at the corners with black plastic caps.

Audi 80 as a four-door

Audi Fox Station Wagon

The assembly of the Audi 80 was also the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg

Type 82 (1976-1978)

In August 1976, there was a major facelift, the internal name now was type 82

The body has been aligned to the front and rear optical to the new Audi 100, the motor program included further the engines of the type 80 with 40.5 kW to 81 kW. The variant with 55 kW was due to U.S. emissions regulations instead of 1.5 liters 1.6 liters now. The models with 55 kW and 63 kW ( 85 hp ) could now be combined with several equipment lines, the model name is denominated in accordance with S / LS / GLS.

The model for the U.S. market was still referred to as the Audi Fox; also the Type 82 was offered in the station wagon version as Audi Fox. Such a combined model has been included in the collection of the company's Museum of Audi AG since 2012. If the Fox marketed through the distribution channel Porsche Audi, the sister model, the VW Dasher variant was sold on the VW sales channel. The European Audi 80 GTE was in the U.S. Audi Fox GTI.

In the UK and South Africa, however, the Audi 80 Estate station was still available. In small quantities, this version was provided with an applied wood sheet on the vehicle side. The made ​​in Brazil until 1988 VW Passat B1 took over the front section of the Type 82, only the Audi logo was replaced by a VW emblem.

In Germany, from January 1978 nor the special " millionaire ", exclusively in silver Metallic, available. Shortly before the end of the series was still the " Super 80 " presented, with GTE equipment at power levels of 55, 75 or 85 hp and in three colors (red, blue and silver metallic) available and each limited to 750 pieces had. All " Super 80 " were produced only in August 1978, shortly before the transition to the new model.

According to 1,103,766 units produced, the Audi 80 B1 80 B2 end of August 1978 (type 81) was eventually replaced by the Audi. Since the B1 on the market had been extremely successful, oriented to the technical layout of the B2 on B1, but with increase in external dimensions.

Rear view

Audi Fox ( U.S. version )

Audi 80 Variant ( UK version )



1ab 1976 as S, LS, GLS 2ab 1976 as LS and GLS 3The automatic