Audi 50

Audi 50

The Audi 50 is a compact car with four-cylinder petrol engine and front wheel drive. The car of the Audi NSU Auto Union AG (internal: Type 86 ) was prepared by the summer of 1974 to mid- 1978.

Today, only a few have yet been received - so only 558 Audi 50 were registered in 2005, for example, in Germany. Rust protection was only sparsely available, similar to the VW Golf I bowed recycled steel part used with its relatively high content of copper after a few years to intergranular corrosion.


The car with an engine capacity of 1093 cc was as Audi 50 LS ( 37 kW/50 hp, regular gasoline ) and with better equipment as the Audi 50 GL ( 44 kW/60 hp, premium gasoline ) available. Chassis and body are identical to the VW Polo offered later. In the last model year 1978 engine with 1.3 liter ( 1272 cc ) was installed Displacement in the stronger variant with 44 kW, which was designed for regular gasoline. Both models were produced on the same tape at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg.

With simpler equipment came in the spring of 1975, the VW Polo with a smaller 29- kW motor ( 40 hp ) of 900 cc capacity as saving version of the Audi 50 on the market. In 1976, more powerful engines and better facilities were also available for the Polo.


The Audi 50 is one of the fastest developments in automotive history: from design to the first production car took just 21 months. The basis was the project K 50 of NSU for a successor to the NSU Prinz.

From marketing strategic reasons, the VW group took the Audi 50 in July 1978 after only four years and 180 828 units produced again from its model range. A planned facelift, which was to focus the Audi 50 visually closer to the Audi 100 and the newly developed Audi 80, was not realized because Audi should use the upper middle and upper class in the Volkswagen group.

The Polo was still built in early 1977 the notchback version Derby set aside, which was also developed at Audi in Ingolstadt.

Following the cessation of production of the Audi 50, it took over 20 years to Audi with the Audi A2 restored small cars and even 32 years, until once again the platform of the Polo was used, namely for the Audi A1.


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