Boeing X-46

The Boeing X -46 is an experimental aircraft for testing of unmanned combat aircraft (English: Naval Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle, UCAV -N) on aircraft carriers.

The project ran in parallel with the United States Air Force Project Boeing X - 45th For the project, two development contracts were awarded in June 2000. A contract was awarded to Boeing for the X - 46A, a modification of the Boeing X -45, which is adapted to the needs of the United States Navy; the other contract was awarded to Northrop Grumman for the development of the X - 47A. Boeing released no details about the X -46, but the design and the properties of the X-45 are very similar.

In April 2003, projects the Air Force and the Navy with the DARPA J- UCAS later (Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems ) were zusammgelegt under the J- UCAV program and renamed. For this, the now redundant X -46 program was terminated.

After this, the J- UCAS program was terminated and the Navy 's N- UCAS demonstrator program in the summer of 2006. Boeing relies on experiences from the development of the X - 46 for X - 45N as the N- UCAS demonstrator ..

Pictures of Boeing X-46