Brazil Davis Cup team

The Brazilian Davis Cup team is the national men's tennis Brazil. Currently, they compete in Group I of the America zone. The Davis Cup is the most important competition for national teams in men's tennis, similar to the Fed Cup for the women.


For the first time the team took part in the 1932 Davis Cup. In the World Group Brazil made ​​his debut against Romania in 1981, but lost and had to play Germany in the relegation. Also this duel lost the South Americans with 2:3 and went with it. 1987 managed to rise again, but this time the team was against Germany and Spain with no chance and lost both matches with 0:5. 1991 managed to Brazil again made ​​it into the World Group and made ​​it to the semi-final, which was lost to Switzerland. The following year, the team got off again, 1996 was the resurgence. This time was Brazil spend longer time in the World Group in 2000 and reached the semi-final, which was lost against Australia. After seven years, you had to accept the 2003 re descent to 2011 failed Brazil six times in a row in the playoffs on the resurgence, which succeeded in 2012 against Russia.

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The following players were 2011 for Brazil in the Davis Cup: