Broomehill, Western Australia

Broomehill is a place on the Great Southern Highway, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. It is located 302 km south-east of the state capital of Perth and 20 km south of Katanning.


The place is named after the Governor Frederick Broome. Initially, the town was named Broome Hill. Since 1959 the official name of Broomehill.


Broomehill emerged with the development of the Great Southern Railway, which was completed in 1889. The railway track, the distance between Beverley and Albany.

1890, the place of the Western Australian Land Company was given officially known. Seven years later, he was recognized by the Australian Government.

A group of settlers came in Broomehill of the former city Eticup to help to establish a community after the completion of the railway line. Among the first settlers were the families Witham, Walsh and Curnow, who participated in the construction of the first buildings. 1892, the police station and the post office were built.


Although the local economy is based on the wheat production and the sheep, viticulture and aquaculture have been introduced in recent years.

The trail Holland Track, which leads to Coolgardie begins in Broomehill.