Charles Brackett

Charles Brackett (* November 26, 1892 in Saratoga Springs, New York, † March 9, 1969 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American screenwriter.


Brackett began his literary activity, first as a theater critic. For the New Yorker magazine in 1925, he sparked Herman Mankiewicz from a theater critic who in 1929 went to Hollywood just like him as a screenwriter. Brackett celebrated his greatest successes as a co- author of Billy Wilder, with whom he worked in 13 films since the 1930s.

Charles Brackett was eight times nominated for an Oscar and won the trophy three times. For the first time in 1946 for The Lost Weekend, then in 1951 for Sunset Boulevard, and in 1954 for The sinking of the Titanic. He also received in 1958 the honorary Oscar.

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