Comorian franc

1 EUR = 491.96775 KMF (fix)

1 EUR = 491.96775 KMF 1000 KMF = 2.0327 EUR

1 CHF = 402.09869 KMF 1000 KMF = 2.487 CHF

The Comorian franc (French Franc comorien ) is the currency of Comoros. The ISO 4217 code is KMF. It is divided into 100 centimes, but there are no centime coins. The Comorian franc is pegged to the euro (1 EUR = 491.96775 KMF ).


In the Comoros was taken during French colonial rule, first the French franc and used from 1948, the Malagasy Franc. In 1950, the Banque de Madagascar et des Comores result of the joint Central Bank of Madagascar and the Comoros. When Madagascar was released in June 1960 to independence, the Comoros remained initially still in France. From 1 April 1962, the common banknotes used until then were provided in the Comoros with a red overprint COMORES. These banknotes existed in the value of stages 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 francs, in addition, there were also coins from 1964 to 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 francs.

The temporaries were printed only in 1976 after the independence of the Comoros replaced by new banknotes that were issued by the Institut d' Emission of the Comores. In 1984, the newly created Banque Central des Comores issuing banknotes that are made ​​in France. The Comorian franc was when it was introduced in 1962 in the ratio of 50 KMF = 1 FRF French Franc bound. In 1994 he was devalued and set the exchange rate on 75 KMF = 1 FRF. With the introduction of the euro the Comorian franc was pegged at a constant value to the new currency, which gives a rate of 1 EUR = 491.96775 KMF.