Cross River State

Cross River State of Nigeria with a capital Calabar, which is with 461 832 inhabitants (2005) and largest city.


The state is located in the southeast of the country, bordered to the north by the Benue State, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Abia State, on the northwest by the state of Ebonyi, on the southwest by the Akwa Ibom State and to the east by Cameroon. In the mountainous eastern part of the State are the Obudu Plateau and the Cross River National Park, one of the eight national parks of Nigeria. Other protected areas are the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, the Mbe Mountains Community Wildlife Sanctuary, which together with the National Park a Bioshärenkorridor and serve among other things the protection of the 23 primate species occurring in the state.


The state was formed on 27 May 1967, the name "South -Eastern ". On February 3, 1976, he has been renamed Cross River. First governor of the state was between May 28 1967 and July 1975 Uduokaha J. Esuene. Governor Liyel Imoke Current is 2007 since May 29.

List of Governors and Administrators

  • Uduokaha J. Esuene (1967-1975)
  • Paul Omu (Governor 1976-1978 )
  • M. Elegbede (Governor 1978-1979 )
  • Clement Isong (Governor 1979-1983 )
  • Donald Etiebet (Governor 1983)
  • Daniel Archibong (Governor 1984-1986 )
  • Eben Ibim Prince Will (Governor 1986-1989)
  • Ernest Atta (Governor 1989-1992 )
  • Clement Ebri (Governor 1992-1993)
  • Ibrahim Cephas ( administrator 1993-1994)
  • Gregory Agboneni ( administrator 1994-1996)
  • Umar Farouk Ahmed ( administrator 1996-1998)
  • Christopher Osondu ( administrator 1998-1999)
  • Donald Duke (Governor 1999-2007 )
  • Liyel Imoke (Governor since 2007)


The state is divided into 18 Local Government Areas. These are: Abi, Akamkpa, Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Bekwarra, Biase, Boki, Calabar Municipal, Calabar South, Etung, Ikom, Obanliku, Obubra, Obudu, Odukpani, Ogoja, Yakurr and Yala.


Agriculture is the main industry in Cross River. It is divided into the public and private sectors. While in the private sector, mainly local farmers operate, the public sector of the large plantations of the government masters. There are cultivated cassava, yams, rice, bananas, corn, cocoa, rubber, groundnuts and coconuts.

Other industries are fishing and farming. There are sheep, goats, poultry, pigs, rabbits and turkeys. At minerals limestone, titanium, tin ore and ceramic raw materials are mined.


The capital of Cross River, Calabar, can be reached by air, by sea and road, while other parts of the state are only accessible by roads. In Calar has an international airport.