CSL Limited

CSL Limited is an Australian pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Melbourne.


CSL ( Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) was founded in 1916 as an Australian state-owned enterprises for the production of vaccines. 1952 began the production of blood plasma. In 1994 the company was privatized and has since been trading under CSL Limited. 2000, the Swiss company ZLB bioplasma was acquired AG, 2004, the German company Aventis Behring, which goes back to Emil Adolf von Behring.


The activities of CSL are divided into three areas:

  • Under CSL Behring the activities of the manufacture of plasma products are summarized here belong to the acquired company bioplasma ZLB and Aventis Behring, now called CSL Behring AG ( Switzerland ) and CSL Behring GmbH ( Germany ) will be performed.
  • CSL Biotherapies operates essentially the business of vaccines - including against influenza - and immune serum
  • CSL bioplasma is responsible for plasma fractionation in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan

CSL Behring is with a turnover of 2.6 billion AUD (2007) - almost 80 % of total sales - by far the most important business sector.


CSL Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, where the S & P / ASX 50 Index, which comprises the 50 largest companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The largest shareholders are HSBC and JP Morgan with just under 18 with just under 17 %.


The oldest and largest mobile service provider in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong CSL Limited, is often shortened also called CSL Limited. The acronym stands for Communication Services Limited.