The Telstra Corporation ( ASX and NYSE Code: TLS) is an Australian telecommunications company. In 2010, she scored with 43,000 employees proceeds of 21.3 billion AUD. The head office is in Melbourne. The company is listed on the All Ordinaries on the Australian Securities Exchange and the NZX 50 Index on the New Zealand Exchange.

History and business activities

Telecommunications services originally belonged to the jurisdiction of the Postmaster General's Department (PMG ), the state post. On 1 July 1975, the PMG was dissolved. The postal services were transferred to the Australian Postal Commission, which occurs under the brand name Australia Post. The Australian Telecommunications Commission (ATC ) took over under the name Telecom Australia, the domestic telecommunications. 1989 changed its name to the ATC Australian Telecommunications Corporation.

1992 since 1946 for international calls competent separate state-owned enterprise, with the ATC to the short-lived Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation ( AOTC ), the Overseas Telecommunications Commission, united. The AOTC 1993 changed its name to Telstra Corporation Limited. Since then the company has been privatized in part; the state owns a share of 51.8 %. The Australian Government has announced that she wanted to sell in 2006, the remaining state share. 2004, the Beijing-based company King Win Laurel gave a doubtful bid. In September 2005, the Senate adopted an amendment to permit orderly privatization. However, the sale is likely to be delayed, because the share price is relatively low.

In October 2006, Telstra had the NEXT G mobile network ( 3GSM; 850 MHz) enabled. Next G is based on the HSDPA technology from Ericsson and allows download speeds of 550 kbps to 1.5 Mbps. The investment volume for the 3GSM network, which was built in 10 months, was Australian Dollars 1bn. In February 2007, Telstra was able to provide the next level of Next G is available that allows not only a better network coverage in the area of ​​higher download speeds. Be achieved download speeds of around 2.3 Mbps now at a distance of 200 km to the base stations. Higher download speeds of around 14.4 Mbps in some selected areas at shorter distances to the base stations, possible.

Network coverage

The network coverage is also through this former state providers by no means complete and hears outside major urban areas in particular in the areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.


Telstra is the main sponsor of the National Rugby League ( NRL) in Australia and the national swimming team Swimming Australia.

Telstra was temporarily eponymous sponsor of two major Australian sports stadiums, the Telstra Dome in Melbourne (now Etihad Stadium ) and the Telstra Stadium in Sydney (now ANZ Stadium ).


Telstra Corporation Ltd is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, where the S & P / ASX 50 Index, which comprises the 50 largest companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.