Incitec Pivot

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is a production company based in Australia.

It was created in June 2003 through the merger of Incitec Fertilizers and Pivot Group and is a leader in the production of fertilizers for fertilization of agricultural Nutzgebieten in Australia. In 2006 Southern Cross Fertilisers has taken over and 2008 Dyno Nobel, one of the largest explosives manufacturer in Australia and North America.

Incitec Pivot imported so far the main raw material for its production, phosphate, from the north-west Africa, but closed in November 2005, a cooperation agreement with the lying geographically closer island nation of Nauru to the resumption of the local phosphate mining from. The cost of the renovation of the mine assets amounted to approximately six million dollars. It is estimated that the degradation of the other local phosphate should last about three to five years. Incitec Pivot will share in the profits of phosphate sales.