Fortescue Metals Group


  • Herb Elliott, CEO

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG ) is an Australian company based in Perth.

The company is listed in the 50 index stock index S & P / ASX. Fortescue Metals Group is a mining company that degrades primarily iron ore.

The mining company Fortescue was founded in 2003 and is by his own admission the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world and supplies mainly China and the Asian region.

The mining of iron ore in Australia is dominated by the two mining companies Rio Tinto Group and BHP Billiton, which produced more than 90% of all Australian iron ores in the accounting period 2008/2009. The third largest group is the active dortig Fortescue.

2006 projected Fortescue its shipping facilities in the Herb Elliott Port at Port Hedland, railway facilities and iron ore mining. Two years later, the distribution of iron ore began. The Cloudbreak mine was their first mine, which she took in operation, the Christmas Creek Mine followed and the Solomon project in the Pilbara region sees the Iron ore mining in three other mines before. 2011 sold Fortescu 40 million tons of iron ore and by mid-2014 a volume of 150 million is planned. By December 2012, the Solomon project investment of AUD 8.4 billion to be completed.

Fortescue employs 20 people in Perth, Port Hedland, Roebourne and Tom Price, maintain contact with numerous representatives of the Aboriginal people with whom the company works. The company stated that it takes into account the rights, culture and interests of Aboriginal people in their projects. Fortescue, lays claims to a high value on the employment of Aboriginal and employed 300 Indigenous employees in 2011.

Fortescue is land owner over an area of 88,000 km ², which corresponds to twice the size of Switzerland, Rio Tinto over 11,000 km ² and BHP Billiton over 7,000 km ². 88,000 km ² of land ownership in the Pilbara region of Fortescue makes this company the owner of a major world iron ore deposit of 2 billion tons.