QBE Insurance

QBE Insurance is an Australian company based in Sydney. The company is listed on the stock index S & P / ASX 50.

QBE Insurance was created in 1973 from a merger of the Australian company Queensland Insurance, Bankers ' and Traders ' Insurance Company and The Equitable Probate and General Insurance Company. The company offers various types of insurance for its customers mainly in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Company History

The Winterthur U.S. insurance branch which went to the French group Axa in June 2006, was sold to QBE Insurance 2007 and will lead to the disappearance of the traditional name " Winterthur ". The transaction amounted to 1.156 billion U.S. dollars ( 2.2 billion francs). The active in property and liability Winterthur U.S. in 2006 achieved a premium income of 1.48 billion U.S. dollars and 81 million net profit.