Macquarie Group

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The Macquarie Group Limited, headquartered in Sydney is an Australian financial group. The Macquarie Group is a global player in the fields of banking, financial services, advisory, investment and funds management and has offices in all major financial centers worldwide. Macquarie is the only major bank in Australia and is listed since 1996 on the Australian Stock Exchange ( ASX). The company employs more than 13,400 people in 28 countries. As of September 30, 2012 amounted administrated by Macquarie Equity $ A 341 billion

Macquarie is a market leader in the investment in infrastructure projects. These will be projects and companies that offer basic services for the economy, for example ( toll ) roads, tunnels, airports, ports, utilities, water and sewage networks, etc. Institutional and private investors can find out about the so-called infrastructure funds participate in these investments.

Macquarie in Germany

As the first provider Macquarie in 2005 and 2006, the German private investors allows to invest in infrastructure projects: Three designed as a closed-end investment mutual funds were offered. 2007, two other funds were offered to invest in infrastructure projects in North America and five in infrastructure-related companies.

In December 2009, Macquarie announced the acquisition of the derivative transactions of private bank Sal Oppenheim. By the end of June 2011 was renamed the business under Macquarie Oppenheim, it is managed in the future after a message from 1 July 2011 under the name Macquarie.

Investments in Germany

The Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund II holds since December 2007, 91.5 percent of the shares of the German Techem.

Recently acquired Macquarie for his fund also majority shares in Thyssen Gas ( 2011) and Open Grid Europe (2012 ).