Dhool Ka Phool

  • Mala Sinha: Meena Khosla
  • Rajendra Kumar Mahesh Kapoor
  • Nanda: Malta
  • Manmohan Krishna: Abdul Rasheed
  • Ashok Kumar: lawyer
  • Leela Chitnis: Gangu Dai
  • Daisy Irani: Ramesh Kapoor
  • Sushil Kumar: Roshan
  • Jeevan: Meena uncle
  • Mehmood:
  • Jagdish Raj: prosecutor

Dhool Ka Phool is a successful Bollywood film directed by Yash Chopra, who completed his debut here. The socially critical film explores the social unacceptability of unechelichen children and the relationship between Muslims and Hindus.


Meena and Mahesh are heavy in love. In one night, they give themselves completely. The result: Meena is pregnant. The result is all the more devastating: Mahesh is with Malta, the entstatmmt a distinguished family, married. After the birth of the little boy, she goes to the child's father. But Mahesh rejects them. The reason is that it was a mistake.

The poor Meena do not continue, leaving the five- month-old baby in a forest. There it is threatened by a snake. Move the child is discovered and protected by the outsider Abdul Rasheed. He takes the boy to live with him and calls him Roshan.

Meanwhile Meena works as a paralegal for a lawyer. You harbor feelings for each other and close the knot. By Meena past, however, the lawyer does not know anything.

Mahesh, now judge, is again blessed with a son named Ramesh. Years later, the two brothers become friends, even though they do not know of their family relationship. Roshan is not accepted as an illegitimate child from society and constantly teased. Only his best friend, Mahesh's son, stands at his side. But soon expire Roshan in depression and slips off into the criminal scene. Ramesh tried extricate him and dies as a result, in a car accident. This makes Roshan even more depressed and accidentally falls into a theft. Although he is innocent, he lands in front of the judge - his genetic father. Abdul Roshan wants to bail out and look for a lawyer to. There he tells of Roshan, and how he has picked up in time in the woods. Meena hears with the conversation and realizes who is actually Roshan.

In court, she says, and she recognizes Mahesh again. The next day, Malti asks her husband Roshan to get to his home because he is the biological son. On the other hand Meena wants to leave out of guilt the house of the lawyer. But her husband admired her strength and asks her to welcome her son. So Meena and Mahesh go to Abdul and ask for her son. At first he is reluctant and eventually he leaves Roshan his biological mother.



Filmfare Award 1960

  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actor of Manmohan Krishna


  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress at Mala Sinha
  • Filmfare Award / Best Story at Mukhram Sharma
  • Filmfare Award / Best Lyrics Sahir Ludhianvi on for Tu Hindu Banega