Waqt (1965 film)

  • Sunil Dutt: Bablu / Ravi
  • Sadhana: Meena Mittal
  • Raaj Kumar: Raju / Raja
  • Shashi Kapoor: Munnu / Vijay
  • Sharmila Tagore: Renu Khanna
  • Balraj Sahni: Lala Kedarnath
  • Rehman: Chinoy
  • Motilal: prosecutor
  • Manmohan Krishna: Mr. Mittal
  • Jeevan: director of the orphanage
  • Madan Puri: Balbir
  • Achala Sachdev: Laxmi Kedarnath
  • Leela Chitnis: Mrs. Mittal
  • Sumati Gupte: Mrs. Khanna
  • Surendra Nath: Mr. Khanna
  • Mubarak: Judge
  • Jagdish Raj: Police Inspector
  • Hari Shivdasani: Lala Hardiyal Rai
  • Badri Prasad:
  • Shashikala: Rani Sahiba

Waqt (Hindi: वक़्त, Urdu: وقت, translated: Time ) is a successful Hindi film directed by Yash Chopra in the year 1965.


The wealthy businessman Lala Kedarnath has a happy family with his wife and three young sons. Happiness seems perfect until tragedy strikes: An earthquake destroyed his home and business and his family is torn apart.

His eldest son has landed in the orphanage. As Lala learns of this, he wants to pick him up, but Raja has taken flight, as the director of the orphanage had mistreated him. Then Lala is so angry that he strangled the ladder and go to jail for 20 years. His wife Laxmi cares Meanwhile, the smallest son Vijay, who is her remained the only one.

Years later, Lala is released from prison, unfortunately, he does not know what has become of his family.

Son Ravi was by a wealthy couple - the parents of the beautiful Renu - adopted and is under its new name Ravi lawyer. The youngest son Vijay has made the college degree and financially supported his sick mother by working as a chauffeur for crooks Chinoy. In college he had Renu met and fell in love with it. The eldest son Raja was raised after his escape from the orphanage by Chinoy and earns his living as a thief. He steals the necklace from Meena, but bringing it back again, as he has a crush on her. Meena, however, is already assigned to Ravi. All three brothers are unaware that they are related.

Chinoy had killed his employees Balbir in self-defense and pushes Raja 's at fault. Raja will be defended in court by Ravi. Finally, in a court hearing comes the whole truth and the once torn apart family is reunited. They open up their old business. Kuku and Meena and Vijay and Renu get married.


Filmfare Award 1966

  • Filmfare Award / Best Director at Yash Chopra
  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actor to Raaj Kumar
  • Filmfare Award / Best Story at Akhtar Mirza
  • Filmfare Award / Best dialog Akhtar ul- Iman
  • Filmfare Award / Best Camera at Dharam Chopra


  • Filmfare Award / Best Film to B. R. Chopra
  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress at Sadhana



The costumes of the film designed Bhanu Athaiya.


Waqt is a contribution to popular Lost - and -Found - genre that since Kismet (1943) and Awaara (1951 ) often shapes the plot structure of Indian films. The film was a huge success and is an example of kitsch aesthetics of color, which was used as an expression of wealth in the Hindi film of the 1970s especially popular.