Edwin Soi

Edwin Cheruiyot Soi ( born March 3, 1986 in Kericho, Rift Valley Province) is a Kenyan long-distance runner.

Since 2004, he appears in international rail, cross and road races.

His first major success was the victory at the Cursa Bombers 2004. At the World Cross Country Championships in Fukuoka in 2006, his first outing for Kenya, he was eighth on the most recently discharged Short and won with the Kenyan team gold. In the same year he won the Giro Media Blenio and at the 10 km du Conseil Général 13 When IAAF World Athletics Final, he came second over 3000 and 5000 meters.

The following year he became. During the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Mombasa ninth and wins again with the team At the Giro Media Blenio and at the 10 km du Conseil Général 13, he defended his title, but not, however, qualified for the World Championships in Osaka. At the World Finals, however, he was in top form and won both 3000 and 5000 meters, and end of the season he triumphed at the BOclassic.

In 2008, he did not start at the World Cross Country Championships, but at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Lisbon, where he was fourth over 3000 meters. At the Giro Media Blenio he managed the hat-trick, and the Kenyan eliminator for the Olympic Games in Beijing, he won over 5000 meters. There tried Soi and his compatriot Eliud Kipchoge, the follow on the last 2000 meters of it billowing Kenenisa Bekele, but had behind the Ethiopians, who set 12:57,82 min with an Olympic record, with silver ( Kipchoge ) and bronze ( Soi ) content. At the IAAF World Athletics Final Soi won over 5000 meters and was second over 3000 meters. On New Year's Eve, he defended his title at the BOclassic.

In 2009, he failed to qualify for the World Athletics Championships in Berlin when he was ousted from the contemporaneous Kipchoge to fourth place in the Kenyan 5000 meters Ausschiedungsrennen. At the IAAF World Athletics Final Soi was third. Then he won the Giro al Sas and for the third time in a row at the BOclassic.

In 2010 he qualified with a second place behind Vincent Kipsegechi Yator the national 5000 -meter elimination race for the track and Africa Championships in Nairobi. There, the long -time leading Yator stumbled 10 meters before the finish line, and Soi took the opportunity and won gold as part of a purely Kenyan podium, which was completed by Yator and Mark Kosgey Kiptoo. A fourth place at the IAAF Continental Cup in Split was followed by another victory at the Giro al Sas.

In 2012 he won at the IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul Bronze 3000 m. Soi was also in the squad of the Kenyan team for the 2012 Summer Olympics, finishing in London with a 6th place in the flow, in which he narrowly missed the Olympic final with a time of 13:27,06 achieved minutes on the 5,000 -meter track the overall 18th place.

Edwin Cheruiyot Soi is 1,75 m tall and weighs 53 kg.