2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships

The 14th IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships were held from 9 to 11 March 2012 in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Istanbul was the World Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF ) was commissioned in November 2007 with the organization of the event. Originally the Turkish Association of Athletics Federations had applied for the World Indoor Championships 2010, which was awarded to the Qatari capital, Doha. Because of the high quality of the candidacy of Istanbul, the members of the IAAF Council decided during its meeting in Monaco premature award of World Indoor Championships in 2012.

From 172 countries, 616 athletes ( 349 men and 334 women) had announced their participation. From DLV 17 athletes (8 women and 9 men) were nominated.

  • 2.1 60 m
  • 2.2 400 m
  • 2.3 800 m
  • 2.4 1500 m
  • 2.5 3000 m
  • 2.6 60 m hurdles
  • 2.7 4 x 400 m relay
  • 2.8 High Jump
  • 2.9 Pole Vault
  • 2:10 Long Jump
  • 2:11 Triple Jump
  • 2:12 Shot Put
  • 2:13 Pentathlon

Results Men

60 m

Date: March 10, 20:00 clock

The American Gatlin, the Birmingham Hall became world champion in 2003, posted a 6.50 s already the fastest time of the semi-finals and won in the final clear before the Jamaicans Carter and the British Chambers. The German sprinter Christian Blum managed according to a second place finish in the lead with 6.74 s, the semi-finals with a fifth place and a time of 6.79 s not to qualify for the final.

400 m

Date: March 10, 19:30 clock

Nery Brenes secured with a new World Cup record the victory. Demetrius Pinder, Chris Brown and Tabarie Henry placed with new Saison on the following places.

800 m

Date: March 11, 16:20 clock

The Austrians Pallitsch Raphael and Andreas Rapatz had prevailed in their heats, but failed in their semi-final rounds each fourth.

1500 m

Date: March 10, 19:00 clock

After the first 1000 meters behave overflowed race tightened Iguider, Özbilen and Gebremedhin on the last two laps the pace, the distance to the rest of the field increased significantly and ultimately made the grade and the three medals among themselves.

3000 m

Date: March 11, 15:10 clock

The German starter Arne Gabius qualified on the time regulations for the final.

60m hurdles

Date: March 11, 17:20 clock

The German Helge Schwarzer retired after successful completion of the forward ( 7.72 s) in the semi-finals in sixth with 7.75 s off. The second German Starter Gregor Traber already retired from the lead with 7.83 s and sixth place.

4 x 400 m relay

Date: March 11, 17:40 clock

High Jump

Date: March 11, 15:30 clock

The German Raul Spank landed after a successful qualification in the final with skipped 2.28 m in ninth place.

Pole vault

Date: March 10, 17:00 clock

The European Indoor champion of 2011, the Frenchman Lavillenie, won after recovering from injury with Weltjahresbestleistung of 5.95 m in front of Otto, the German indoor champion of 2012, and the American Walker.


Date: March 10, 18:50 clock

Mauro Vinicius da Silva jumped in his last two attempts each 8.23 m, which gave him the gold medal since the Australian Henry Frayne Although jumped new continental record, his second best attempt but was only 8.17 m.

Triple Jump

Date: March 11, 16:10 clock

Shot Put

Date: March 9, 19:15 clock

In the final David Storl could start with 21,88 m the competition with a new personal best in the first attempt. He was outbid until the fifth attempt by Ryan Whiting when he reached a new Weltjahresbestleistung with 22,00 m. Third-placed Tomasz Majewski came 21,72 m, setting a new Polish record.

The second German Starter Candy Bauer left with 19,60 m out in qualifying.


Date: 9-10. March

The heptathlon consists of the disciplines 60 - meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, 60 - meter hurdles, pole vault and 1,000 -meter run. Eaton was able to win most of the seven disciplines struggle. The American, who scored the outstanding width of 8.16 meters in the long jump, also dominated the final 1000 -meter run and improved his own, set up in the previous year world record at 6645 points.

Results Women

60 m

Date: March 11, 17:05 clock

400 m

Date: March 10, 18:40 clock

800 m

Date: March 11, 15:35 clock

The German starter Carolin Walter resigned in advance with 2:03,61 min.

1500 m

Date: March 10, 18:00 clock

The Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba sat down at the beginning before the rotor field and held this position until the end where they einflief two seconds before Mariemont Alaoui Selsouli from Morocco. Asli Çakir Alptekin reached 4:08,74 min a Turkish record.

3000 m

Date: March 11, 15:50 clock

60m hurdles

Date: March 10, 19:45 clock

The Australian Pearson presented with the fourth fastest ever way past the hall on time Weltjahresbestleistung and won by a clear margin the gold medal. For the Austrian scrap already presented the reach of the finals a success represents the German Cindy Roleder concluded in its advance to sixth place and could not qualify for the semi-finals.

4 x 400 m relay

Date: March 11, 16:40 clock

High Jump

Date: March 10, 18:15 clock

The American Chaunte Lowe skipped the 1.98 m in the first attempt and as only thing she secured the gold medal. Antonietta Di Martino, Anna Tschitscherowa, Ebba Jung Mark, Tia Hellebaut and Ruth Beitia failed at that altitude, but had the previous height of 1.95 m mastered. Due to a failed attempt over 1.88 m and 1.95 m Hellebaut and Beitia were at the end of fifth and sixth.

Pole vault

Date: March 11, 14:00 clock

The second German starter Kristina Gadschiew ended up with 4.30m on the twelfth.


Date: March 11, 14:05 clock

The German and the Swiss Nadja Kaether Irene Pusterla could not qualify for the final itself.

Triple Jump

Date: March 10, 17:05 clock

Yamilé Aldama scored the winning distance of 14.82 m already in the second trial and therefore referred the defending champion Rypakowa the bottom line on the second place. The German Kristin Gierisch could not qualify for the final as seventh -placed their qualifying group with 13.67 m.

Shot Put

Date: March 10, 18:10 clock

With the Ozeanienrekord of 20.54 m Valerie Adams succeeded in winning the gold medal. Overall, only the top two teams could come in any of their experiments on the 20 -meter mark. Michelle Carter and Liu Xiangrong reach new Saison. For the German Nadine Kleinert her second attempt with 19,29 m was her best.

The second German starter Christina Schwanitz already retired from in qualifying.


Date: March 9

The pentathlon consists of the disciplines 60 - meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and 800 -meter run.


  • WR: World Record
  • AR: Continental Record
  • NR: National Record
  • CR: Championship Record
  • WL: Weltjahresbestleistung
  • PB: Personal Best
  • SB: Season Best
  • DNF: Competition not completed
  • DNS: walk over the competition
  • DQ disqualified
  • NM: not a valid test

Medal Tally