Justin Gatlin

Gatlinburg at the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki

Justin Gatlin ( born February 10, 1982 in Brooklyn, New York City ) is an American track and field athlete. Gatlin 's Olympic 100m champion and former world champion in the 100 and 200 meters, and a former world record holder in the 100 meters ( 9.77 s ). Since 2001, he has been repeatedly found guilty of doping, and he was therefore in 2006 an eight-year competition ban until 2014. Early 2008, an arbitral tribunal halved with 2-1 judges' votes, the original eight- year ban, so that the lock is released since August 2010.

Sports career

Justin Gatlin is known since 2003 in the international sprint scene. About 100 meters he ran into the meeting world-class Zurich 2003 9.97 s, when he in 2004 at the U.S. Trials in Sacramento over 100 meters for the Olympic Games in Athens qualified, he was not one of the favorites for the gold medal. So it was a surprise when he in 9.85 s Olympic 100m champion was in Athens. He himself says that his favorite track, however, are the 200 meters. In the final of the 200 meters in Athens he had to then, however, his training partners Shawn Crawford and Bernard Williams defeated and be content with the bronze medal.

At the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005, he was with a time of 9.88 s and a clear lead world champion in the 100 - meter race ahead of Michael Frater and Kim Collins. The only downer was that he was in this final could not compete with the world record holder Asafa Powell, who had to cancel due to injury the World Cup. A few days later he was in 20.04 s. Using the 200 - meter track champion, before his American compatriots Wallace Spearmon and John Capel At the IAAF Super Tour in Doha on 12 May 2006 Justin Gatlin ran the 100 meters in 9.766 s, 9.77 s on were rounded up later, and found so that the world record of Asafa Powell a. Powell, however, these improved again on September 9, 2007 to 9.74 s in July 2006 publicly that Gatlin had been tested positive for testosterone. The samples came from 22 of April. All subsequent results were annulled retroactively, including the 9.77 s run.

In his comeback after his doping suspension Gatlin won on 3 August 2010 in the Estonian Rakvera over 100 meters in 10.24 s He now sought a return to the world elite. In 2011, he also returned with two 100 -meter runs under 10 seconds and qualified over this distance for the world championships in Daegu, where he was eliminated in the semifinals, however. In 2012, he won over 60 meters at the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul gold. In the same year he won with a new personal best of 9.79 s the bronze medal at the Summer Olympics in the 100 meter sprint in London.

Having already beaten in June 2013 in Rome the dominant constant of the Sprint World Usain Bolt, he was regarded by the absence of a World Cup participation of Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell due to positive doping tests and the injury-related cancellation of Yohan Blake as the biggest competitor for Bolt and medal contender for the World Championships in Moscow. There he lived up to expectations and won over the 100-meter distance as well as with the U.S. relay team silver medal.


On July 29, 2006 Gatlin gave themselves a positive A sample for testosterone known. The positive doping result was found in a relay race on April 22, 2006 in Kansas. The A sample was confirmed by the B sample. Gatlin has already tested positive for amphetamines during the Junior National Championships in 2001. The then imposed two-year competition ban was reduced from the Athletics IAAF subsequently to a year in which he argued that the use of medication for the treatment of attention deficit would have done as a child the positive test result. Thus, a lifetime ban him as a repeat offender had threatened. However, he agreed with the United States Anti-Doping Agency to contribute to the clarification of the case and in particular testify as a witness against his already more than suspicious applicable coach Trevor Graham, whereupon the lock on 22 August 2006 to eight years ( up to and including 24 July. , 2014 ) has been reduced. In addition, all competition results Gatlins have been canceled since the positive doping test, so that he lost the world record over 100 meters. Gatlin obtained a halving of its competition suspension at four years until July 2010.


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