Armin Hary

Armin Hary ( born March 22, 1937 in Quierschied ) is a former German track and field athlete, two -time Olympic gold medalist and two- time European champion. As the first sprinter, he succeeded in 1958, the 100-meter run in handgestoppten 10.0 s (on the running track ). He is the last German and last European who has held the 100-meter world record. In 2011 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of German sport.


The skilled precision engineer and son of a miner in his youth played football and joined at the age of 16 years to athletics. His parents supported his sporting activities initially and would rather have seen him as a violin virtuoso. When SV Saar 05 Saarbrücken and 1.FC Saarbrücken, he began as a decathlete and joined in 1957 the discipline and the association: When Sprinter at Bayer 04 Leverkusen, whose coach Bert Sumser brought him to the Rhine, he was in the same year German vice-champion in the 100 meter dash ( 10.5 s ), just behind Manfred Germar, who overtook him at the finish line, after Hary already imagined as the winner and the last few meters are not fully passed through. His first international title he won in 1958 at the European Championships in Stockholm. He won both the 100 - meter dash and the 4 x 100 meters relay together with Manfred Germar, Heinz Fütterer and Walter Mahlendorf.

On September 6, 1958 in Friedrichshafen ran Hary, since moved to FSV Frankfurt, the first time the 100 meters in handgestoppten 10.0 s and was a tenth of a second faster than the world record. Its period has not been recognized since the web eleven instead of the allowable ten centimeters had gradient. In the same year Hary was blocked by the German Athletics Federation ( DLV) of incorrect expense reports for several months (train instead of car, it was about 70 DM).

Then at athletics meeting in Zurich Letzigrund on June 21, 1960 he succeeded the official Sensation: In the re-run following an alleged false start, he ran the 100 meters in a new world record time of 10.0 s - on a cinder track and stopped electronically with 10.25 s. The officials of the DLV had tried to torpedo his participation, as you him for Rome " conserve " wanted. He received his confirmation by phone by the Swiss broadcasters, and he reached the competition only a few hours before the start with a transport machine, as all official flights were booked.

In the same year brought Hary gold with a time of 10.2 s after three false starts, where he caused an even, over the 100 meters at the Olympic Games in Rome (quote Armin Hary in an interview in 2007: " Rome had my games - I wanted revenge for everything they had done to me. "). He also was first runner with the 4 x 100 - meter relay (Bernd Cullmann, Armin Hary, Walter Mahlendorf, Martin Lauer ). The American squadron, who had arrived first, was disqualified 15 minutes later because of an incorrect change, and Hary won his second Olympic gold medal.

A year later his career was already over. After repeated quarrels but because of an expense report and a knee injury in a car accident he finished, frustrated by the behavior of officials, his career in 1961 and got into the real estate business. Part-time he is an author of commentaries in the world on Sunday. For aiding and abetting fraud, he was convicted in 1981 in the first instance to a penalty of two years imprisonment without parole. Later, a penalty of one and a half years on probation and a fine of 20 000 Mark became final.

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