Frozen (Madonna song)

February 16, 1998

Frozen is a song by Madonna, released in February 1998 on the album Ray of Light.


Frozen was a radical change for Madonna. The dark electronic undertones, Far Eastern strings, which were arranged by Craig Armstrong and the touch of middle eastern percussion and the new vocal range were new areas for Madonna. However, the song was a huge success and one of the biggest hits of Madonna. Madonna said that the text of an " emotionally frozen" people are. The song is composed mostly in F minor.

Copyright litigation

A native of the Belgian Mouscron musician Salvatore Acquaviva filed a copyright lawsuit for plagiarism of the first four bars of the song, which will originate from his song Ma vie fout le camp. A Belgian court granted the right musicians, which led to a ban of the song in Belgium. Madonna's record company was asked by the judgment under penalty of a fine of 125,000 euros converted to make all trading partners aware of the ban within 15 days. The single may not the music video on TV show sold or played the song on the radio or in Belgium. At the time of the ban, the single had reached number 3 in the Flemish charts and in the Walloon charts Place 2. The ban sparked among the Belgian radio listeners and television viewers from protests.

Music Video

Also, the accompanying music video shows Madonna in a new image. Dressed in black, they can be seen in the desert, black birds flying around. The video for Frozen was designed by Chris Cunningham. It was shot in the Mojave Desert in the northwestern United States. For the video itself Cunningham left by the atmosphere and the costumes of the painter John William Waterhouse, whose paintings Miranda in particular - inspired by The Tempest in 1916. The painting shows the looking to the sinking of a ship character from the Shakespeare play The Tempest in a dark dress, as it carries Madonna in the music video. Madonna's costumes for the music video were from Jean -Paul Gaultier, who already created the golden torpedo bra for her Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

" Jean -Paul Gaultier had made ​​a beautiful collection of gothic dresses did Madonna year and asked if I was ok with Incorporating them into the video. "

" Jean -Paul Gaultier had this year a beautiful collection of dresses in the Gothic style made ​​and Madonna asked if it was ok for me that I use in the video. "

Steve Murgatroyd won in 1998 with the Morphsequenzen where Madonna turned into ravens and dogs, the MTV Video Music Award for best special effects.


The single was awarded by several phono associations. So certified the German Federal Association of Music Industry 1998, a platinum disc for over 500,000, the Recording Industry Association of America also in 1998 a gold record for more than 500,000 and the British Phonographic Industry, a gold record for more than 400,000 units sold.