Garissa County

Garissa County (until 2010 Garissa District ) is a county in the Kenyan province of North - Eastern. The capital of the county is Garissa. In 2009 lived in the County 623 060 people to 45720.2 km ². In the County, there is arid climate, the temperatures are 33-42 ° C. The people in Garissa County live mainly by nomadic livestock, only 1% of Countyfläche is considered suitable for agriculture. Crops are bananas, mangoes and lemons. 2005, there were 62 % of the population below the poverty line, about 80 % are illiterate. The infant mortality rate in the county is high, in the cities of 8.9% of the children died in 2002 before their 5th birthday, in the country experienced 14.6 % of non- 's 5th birthday.

Transport and Infrastructure

Garissa has a road network of a total of 1500 km, 10 % of the roads are paved. There are a total of 17 major centers in Orange County, only one of which has electricity. The County has 29 health facilities, three post offices and 7 banks.


The county is divided into eleven divisions. There are three constituencies.